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Social Media & Emergency Response Infographic

There are currently over 500 Emergency Management Group Pages on Facebook 69% agree that emergency res- ponse agencies should regularly monitor their websites and social In an area-wide emergency, media sites do they can respond promptly Definetaly would not how likely would you be to use social media channels to let 16% your friends and family know 28% you are safe? If someone you knew needed urgent help in an area-wide emergency, 13% Definetely wauld 21% would you try to request help in any of the following ways? 22% Prabably would not Probably would SOCIALMEDIA & EMERGENCY RESPONSE Might or might not Send a text message to a THREATS AND CHALLENGES response agency, if available PRESENT IN SOCIAL MEDIA 52% BENEFITS SOCIAL MEDIA Ask other people to help you reach a response agency through a social network like Facebook or Twitter PROVIDES IN EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION • Viral messages and repeated again and again • Opportunity for multiple • Ability to measure sentiment • Intel gathering • Ongoing contact which can improve preparedness prior to a crisis • Some channels limit the length of message, leading to possibility of incomplete information • Once message is released, it can be manipulated • Potential for network overload during a crisis as networks are being upgraded • Gaining followers before a crisis 44% Post your request for help on a responsible agencies Facebook page 35% SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN EMERGENCIES end a direct message Twitter to a response agency Twitter users on the ground sent out vital information about the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, including emergency phone numbers and the location of hospitals that 28% needed blood donations Red river was cresting at record flood levels in ND and MN, 2,600 people were getting updates delivered on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMAI Dramatic scenes the US Airways plane that crashed into the Hudson Fliver were first seen on social networkingsite Twitter Twitter The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled salmoinella-tainted pistachios products, 3,000 people found out through the agencys Twitter feed When a gunman opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Center of Fort Hood Hood, TX, Twitter was able to provide news and updates to the public and Soldiers around the world FEMA'S tweets informs followers of the locations of Red Cross shelters and how to care for pets during the crisis EMERGENCY AGENCIES ON TWITTER •CDC Emergency • American Red Cross SURVIVAL MASTERY •FDArecalls •N/H •U.S. Army • FEMA Source:

Social Media & Emergency Response Infographic

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