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Social Media for Brands in MENA

middle east interactive INFOGRPHIC Brands in MENA!! Why you need more /ans?!! 6ways Social Media could help your business!! Operational Savings Brand Marketing Revenue Customer Innovation Health Optimization/Generation Experience Monitor the Making Generates As engaged Monitoring Crowdsourcing! your online campaigns social increases positively affects advocates, ROI on brand leads, conversions and become brand buzz around customers conversations Listen to your brand. Identify what people would tell their friends can help identify engaged issues in your customers for they expand its products & ideas and long-term relationship with customers. measures by insights into desirable reach at no services, the rather than cost! first step to 28%!! *Nielsen Study directly to the solve them. products. company. Social Media Users are INSANELY GROWING across MENA!! 30Million+ TTITOTO 3. Social Media Users Or simply, the equivalent of Jordan, Tunisia, UAE, Lebanon and Qatar Out of every Seven Internet Users in MENA WHOLE POPULATIONS COMBINED!! are on Social Networks In Algeria, In One Year - 2011, Social Media Unique Daily Visitors DOUBLED in MENA Facebook Unique Visitors TRIPLED in 2011 10Million+ Unique Daily Visitors People across MENA are Going CRAZY about it!! In UAE and KSA, Accessing Facebook is now the FIRST Online Activity Ahead of Chatting and E-Mail! 89% and 86% of respondents mentioning it!! UAE 89% KSA 86% Almost half the users in UAE and KSA believe they Can't live without Facebook!! 52% KSĄ 49% 40% Facebook at Work!! Social media still going strong at the first half of the work day Social Working hours are no more idle-hours for your brand Media TV 10% Morning Peak Night Peak 10:00AM – 2:0OPM 6:00PM – 10:00PM 1/3 Of Users access Social Media Platforms during Office hours 44% In the UAE, 44% of users do!! UAE KSA Take your brand Everywhere as Users access Social Platforms On the Go Half UAE respondents say they use their Social Media Mobile Apps 50% At least ONCE 34% A Day M for MONEY!! KSA UAE More than half the Saudi respondents use Social media as a source of Insights for Products/Brands 54% 23% For 20% of Saudi respondents, Liking/Following a brand means BUYING it. 10% 20% UAE KSA For 86% of Saudi respondents, Social Advertising increases their interest in the Brand/Product KSA 86% UAE 72% Correlation between KSA UAE "Preference" and “Online Traffic" More Likes means More Traffic 79% 60% to your Website!! As you work on increasing your fans, make sure you're not losing any by Ikeeping your messagesRelevant, Interesting, &Spam-Free interactive middle east fC/interactiveme Source: Social Media in MENA A Rosoarch by Omnicom Media Group Created by BAYAN.AT

Social Media for Brands in MENA

shared by Bayanat on Mar 25
An Infographic describing Social Networks usage in MENA region and the importance of getting Social for Brands/Products with focus on Social Networkers behavior in Saudi Arabia and UAE.




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