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Social Media All Stars

2010- SOCIAL MEDIA Stary all You Tube digp in Network Founded # af Users Funding Employees (mittions F Facebook 02/04 500,000,000+ $836 1,000 Twitter 03/06 145,000,000 $160 140 09/05 1 billion (views/day) $11.5 20,000 (Google) You'Tube Tmbo Foursquare 03/09 3,000,000+ $21.4 35 03/05 40,000,000+ $35 (bought by Yaho0) 36 Fliekr MySpace 08/03 125,000,000 $580 (bought by Fox) 800 Gowalla 08/07 340,000 $10.4 22 in Linkedin 05/03 70,000,000+ $103 350 Google Buzz 02/10 10,000,000+ (m2 days) $25 20,000 Google) 10/04 2,200,000 $40 77 ligo Digg *stats provided by, and Line-Up One of the games brightest stars and team chatterbox, Twitter exploded onto the scene. Twitter is frequently on the injured list (#fail), Both pitcher and MVP, Facebook brings big stats gont and tons of fans. A recent debut on the Hollowood scene worries managers about too much negative time in the media. hit one park or poke one through the infield but a new swing is expected to help with some issues. Twitter has seen some major play time this year, but has yet to see a big pay-off. Facebook is sure to out of the FA JEROOK AWITTER LinkedIn is the consummate professional and the ideal role model. No wonder YouTube is definitely one to watch. This player brings in huge crowds and stats, but is known for spending too much time with singing babies RG 1B in parents love him. While keeping the team connected on and off the field, he gets along well with all the the clubhouse. He can tell you every teammate's story and always gives great recommendations s and dancing cats. YouTube is always good for a highlight reel and remains a fan favorite and cliches in groups Stuck in the minor leagues for a few seasons, foursquare checked into the major leagues by capturing the locations and badges of fans everywhere. Skeptics say Gowalla debuted in the SS same draft class as foursquare, but so far has taken 2nd stage. Gowalla has very devoted fans that collect his spin. All-Star foursquare's plays are risky business, but there's no doubt this managers wonder if there will be room for both Gowalla and foursquare in next year's line-up. rookie is getting ready for the big time. OURSOUARE GOWALLA A once MVP candidate, now MySpace spends more time listening to music in the dugout than on the field. Fans wonder if it's Flickr is never camera shy. This player is always up for a photo or two with fans. Flickr is a huge team player and easily shares it's game-winning tricks to teammates and fans alike. Flickr is famous for his time to hang up the cleats. but every year Coach Tom keeps him in the game. MySpace continues to bring in decents stats, but photo-finish slide into home plate. has reached his peak MPACEU CKRI Buzz was a highly-touted prospect, but after an impressive opening game has remained on the Back on the All-Star roster after adjusting his stance, Digg is always good for a laugh in the clubhouse and has a top 10 list for everything. Digg's agent Mr. Rose is back at the helm inspiring fans everywhere across Diggnation. digg injured list. Fans expect Buzz to be traded, but managers hold out while they search for the next big player. Fans are frustrated with riding the waves of ups and downs with Buzz. AZZ lemon ly

Social Media All Stars

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Imagine you were in charge of putting together a roster of Social Media All-Stars, what networks would you pick? What positions would they each play on the field? In honor of the 2010 MLB Playoffs las...




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Social Media
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