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The Social Marketer’s Urban Twictionary

THE SOCIAL MARKETER'S URBAN 2WICTIONARY 00 Twitter buzzwords, Twitter speak, Twitter jargon – vernacular Twitter lingo is like a living, breathing organism that evolves as rapidly as Kim Kardashian adds Twitter followers. But a select few sayings likely aren't going anywhere. Do you know what each of these social slang words and acronyms actually means? We built a "Twictionary" for the average social media marketer to help you make sense of it all. "Did you see how many times this infographic was tweeted?!" "Can you ever NOT be using technology?" "On second thought, I think "What can I say? "Never underestimate the this better be a detweet." I'm attwicted." power of bird-of-mouth." Bird-of-Mouth Marketing noun Attwicted verb Detweet noun A loose form of Twitter-based The act of being addicted to Twitter. marketing where you rely heavily on Twitter users to share your The tweet you composed but then erased, for any reason, before posting. content with others. All yous marketaz: whatch out, cuz there's a new kid on the block #YOLO What did the red elephant say to the blue donkey? "Quit being such an a$$" "I thought I asked you to tweet our new blog post earlier today." "Chill out! I'm waiting for PTT. H. Dweet noun PTT: (Peak Tweet Time) noun Politweet noun The window of time during A nearly incomprehensible tweet that is posted by an individual who is incredibly any given day when Twitter activity is at its highest and A politically charged tweet that is likely to offend most, if not all, readers. intoxicated. marketers seek ultimate tweet visibility. I can't believe the nerve of that company - posting four repeatweets! @WatchYourBack3000 is now following you. @twitterguru1982 "Click the link to buy my new book "10 ways to piss off your Twitter followers" Who the devil is Just don't stoop to their level by throwing this twalker?! a twantrum. Twalker noun Repeatweet noun A tweet that is sent more than once Twantrum noun A person who creates An especially annoying because the composer believes the a Twitter account for the rant or tantrum thrown content of the message is especially sole purpose of stalking via Twitter. marketable. someone. @aplusk You're the perfect guy to "I'm thinking of marketing this party in the twitterverse." If only I could find a play Steve in #jOBS! #iloveashton twillionaire to settle down You're really looking to increase your tweet cred, aren't you? boy: "Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a tweetup!" with, l'd be set for life. Tweetup noun A gathering, usually for networking purposes, that is planned on Twitter by a group of Twitter users. Tweet Cred noun Twillionaire noun A person who became filthy rich because of his or her personal marketing Accolades received from a celeb on Twitter, which earns you new followers, Web traffic, and general credibility for your brand and product. skills on Twitter. Twurvey of the day: On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the new Justin Bieber album? "Wow, even @Snooki is tweeting at you!" @marketinggirl360 It's so cold in my office that I've had to crap myself in a blanket all day! "Hold the camera flashes; you're looking at the newest "God, I hope that member of the twitteratti." was a twypo." Twitteratti noun Twypo noun A misspelled word that completely changes the tweet's meaning. A portmanteau of the words "Twitter" and "glitterati," these are Twurvey noun An informal survey Twitter's perceived A-listers, whom other users want to follow or by whom they wish to be followed. conducted on Twitter that is typically used for marketing purposes. SOURCE: TWITTONARY.COM For more social marketing awesomeness check out Marketo

The Social Marketer’s Urban Twictionary

shared by Marketo on Mar 05
We hear lots of new buzzwords on a daily basis and Twitter users are increasingly morphing the english language to describe their Twexperiences (hence the lingo). Now we cannot promise that you will c...


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