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The Social Job Seekers

THE SOCIAL In today's economy, job hunting is the name of the game. With over 13 million Americans currently unemployed and almost two-thirds of employed individuals open to looking for a new job, competition is stiff. JOB SEEKERS To widen their nets, both groups are turning to social media. The 2011 Social Job Seeker Survey conducted by Jobvite examines who these job seekers are and how they're utilizing social networks to land jobs. WHO'S LOOKING FOR JOBS? Job seekers include people actively looking for work or employed but open to a new job. 86 percent of job seekers have a social network profile; 31 percent are active on three: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. in (86% 31% in 54% 61% 61 percent of all employed Americans 54 percent of social media users have are open to a new job or actively looking for a new one. used Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter in their hunt for work in the last year. 4 out of 10 job seekers are "Super Socialr and have 150+ contacts on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. HOW DID YOU LAND YOUR LAST JOB? (Note: multiple responses were allowed.) 1 in 6* job seekers found their last job through an online social network. (1 in 6 Americans.) THE SOCIAL NETWORK JOB SEARCH Which network is receiving the most job seeking activity? Percentage of job seekers that have used their contacts to help with the job hunt by social network: 44% 23% 26% in SUPER SOCIALS MAKE THE MOST OF THEIR NETWORKS Having more contacts increases the likelihood of finding a job through a social network. Among those with more than 150 social network contacts: 28% of super socials found their last job through a social network. in 45% f 56% 85% found their job through Linkedin. found their job through Twitter. through Facebook. SUPER SOCIAL JOB SEEKERS VS. ALL JOB SEEKERS Super Social Job Seekers All Job Seekers Modified Facebook privacy settings with work in mind: Made contact with a recruiter Searched for jobs on Twitter: on Linkedin: 48% 45% 32% 19% 11% WHICH JOB HUNTING ACTIVITIES ARE PEOPLE DOING ON SOCIAL NETWORKS? modified privacy settings updated profile with with work in mind. made new professional contacts. searched for jobs. asked for help with a job search. had a contact share a professional info. job opportunity. 19% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 9% 8% 9% 11% 9% 7% in 7% 15% 13% 13% 8% GENDER BREAKDOWN OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA JOB HUNT Of job seekers using social media in their job hunt Of those that found their last job via an online social network I MALE I FEMALE 60% 40% ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS 56% 44% 59% 41% in 69% 31% 61% 39% 65% 35% 68% 32% Jobvite SOURCES: BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, JOBVITE 2011 SOCIAL JOB SEEKER SURVEY

The Social Job Seekers

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With over 13 million unemployed people in the States, people are now turning to social media to help them find a job. This infographic takes a look at how people use social media to find and get jobs.




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