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The Social Election Experiment

Hatched by DARE+OPTIMUM PR THE SOCIAL ELECTION EXPERIMENT Tested for the 2011 Canadian General Election. Data collected from April 1st to May 2nd, 2011 VOTERS USE FACEBOOK 16 Million Canadians 18+ on facebook 28.5 Million Canadians 18+ on 56% ELECTION Vs EXPERIMENT RESULTS 61.4% Voted with ballots TOTAL VOTES: 14,720.480 3.2% Voted with likes TOTAL LIKES: 511,089 DID FACEBOOK LIKES PREDICT REAL WORLD VOTES? NATIONAL RESULTS 55% 14% 57% Participation of ridings Accuracy of calculating all seats through likes Candidates with a Facebook profile 74.3% 65% 76% URBAN RESULTS* representative of select urban ridings aeross Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnepeg and Halifax) Likes by Urban Ridings MONTREAL TORONTO VANCOUVER CALGARY NDP Liberal Conservative Green Total Likes for Party Leaders Layton O 70.081 73.188 Ignatieff 5 56.801 Harper O 12.096 May O 10.600 Duceppe Digital Straw Poll Bigger Sample facebook Likes/Thumb 511,089 Person 2,000 Burger Poll 1,169 CONCLUSION C facebook YES! VOTES There was a direct correlation with Facebook Likes and Vote results within all major city/urban ridings. This digital straw poll provided a 76% prediction accuracy, in line with traditional straw polls (i.e. public opinion and burger polls) The prediction accuracy would have increased dramatically if more than 55% of all party Candidates had leveraged Facebook as a campaign channel. Candidates should learn from marketers: FISH WHERE THE FISH ARE Curious about other facts and results from the social election experiment? Visit our Facebook page: Hatched by DARE+OPTIMUM PR Sources include

The Social Election Experiment

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Do Facebook Likes = Real World Votes? People love predicting who is going to win an election. Sometimes it's the scientific approach of public opinion polling or friends and neighbors coming togeth...


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