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The Social Brand Value of the World's Leading Brands

Social Brand Value How social are the world's most valuable brands? In November 2011, social media consultancy Sociagility looked at the social brand value of 50 of the world's leading brands, creating a revised top 50 ranking according to their social media performance. Sociagility's PRINT" measurement system compares brands on five key dimensions or 'attributes' of social media performance - popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network reach and trust – across multiple platforms. The Sociagility Top 50 analyses the social brand value of the world's leading brands and the competitive influences that determine their social media performance. The top 20 brand leaders... Google scored a massive 585 points on the PRINT Index™ scale, compared to the mean of 100 across the full group. Disney, the only media brand in the top 50, performed consistently across the five social brand value dimensions with 294 points. Rank Brand PRINT Index™ Google 585 Google juice 2 Disney 294 Google tops the ranking of social performance amongst the world's most valuable 3 Apple 244 238 brands, with the highest overall PRINT Index™ score. 4 Starbucks BlackBerry 135 6. Coca-Cola 133 Amazon 125 DNep world Nokia 124 Disney is the star of the show, putting in the most consistent performance across all attributes and platforms. 9. Pepsi 122 10 FedEx 117 11 Microsoft 107 12 Walmart 106 13 Johnson & Johnson 105 104 Technology 14 Singapore Airlines Media 15 Target 98 Restaurants 16 Wells Fargo 94 Beverages 17 American Express 92 Retail 18 BMW 92 Transportation O FMCG 19 McDonald's 90 Financial services 20 Toyota 85 Automotive .and the 10 brand laggards Over half of the bottom 10 is made up of brands in either the financial services or telecoms sector. Telecoms 100 average O FMCG Technology O Financial services Diversified Tobacco Linking social media performance to brand value By comparing data from two widely recognised brand value studies – Millward Brand's BrandZ and Interbrand's Brand Value - with the social media performance for 50 of the world's most valuable brands, Sociagility found a significant positive correlation between social media performance and brand value and brand growth with a 95–99% degree of confidence. O Brandz brand valuation of 20 of the most valuable brands ($25 billion-$153 billion) O PRINT Index" scores for the same brands (14-186) The five dimensions of social brand value Based on Sociagility's research, there are five key contributors to social brand performance. FMCG brands are clearly trying harder to listen and engage than more popular and trusted brands. Popularity Receptiveness Interaction Network Reach Trust Well-liked with a high social status Regular and consistent community engagement Influence and authority within its community Willing to listen and Relatively large actual and potential audience engage Google Johnson & Johnson Google Google Disney Disney ЗМ Starbucks Apple Starbucks Apple P&G Disney Amazon Google Singapore Airlines Microsoft Starbucks Pepsi Apple Coca-Cola Samsung Apple Starbucks BMW Technology brands: confidence or arrogance? Receptiveness in Socigility's PRINT" methodology means a brand is seen to be listening, not just broadcasting. Of all the sectors, technology brands had the highest popularity yet lowest receptiveness scores, an indicator of social brand 'arrogance'. Popularity Receptiveness Average Google Apple Nokia BlackBerry Microsoft НР Intel Google, Apple, BlackBerry & Microsoft all demonstrate above average popularity, but below average receptiveness Only five technology brands had higher receptiveness than popularity scores 00 IBM SAP Oracle Cisco Samsung Multiple channels, multiple engagement Google delivers the goods on 3 of the 4 platforms assessed, but doesn't seem to have fully embraced Facebook (we wonder why?) Web Twitter Facebook You Tube YouTube Google's domination of the web is reflected in its social standing Facebook is clearly Disney land. But what would Google do? Customer service comes first Google appears to be eating its own dog food, at least on Twitter Google Google Disney Google Apple Starbucks Starbucks Apple Amazon Coca-Cola FedEx Disney Microsoft ЗМ BlackBerry Johnson & Johnson Oracle Southwest Airlines Coca-Cola Singapore Airlines All data from The Sociagility Top 50 report and the PRINT Index", published December 2011. See Sociagility Sociagility is a consultancy focused on improving organizational competitive advantage, helping clients build their own in-house social media capability through analysis, consultancy and resourcing solutions. Deutsche Telekom 55 Gillette 53 52 IBM Movistar VISA China Mobile 38 Goldman Sachs 33 JP Morgan Chase 32 O Berkshire Hathaway 22 Marlboro 17

The Social Brand Value of the World's Leading Brands

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In November 2011, social media consultancy Sociagility looked at the social brand value of 50 of the world’s leading brands, creating a revised top 50 ranking according to their social media perform...




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