Soaring Social Media

SOARING SOCIAL The Marketing Benefits of Social Media For many, social media calls to mind gratuitous YouTube videos, cat memes, and vanity status updates on Facebook However. beyond the fun and games lies a vaet landsenDe of potential for marketers to larr more about their customars and what ther true rds aru. Hure, wa uxakoru seme of the ways social media can be used to fuel a smarter marketing campaign. Time Well Spent According to the 2012 Secial Media Marketing Industry Repart, 83 percent of markuters believa that social media is an important tool for their business. Overal. 94 percent of markstars Lse sccial media for business purposes. Avmong the top social media marketing tools sutilized are Faceboak, Teitter, and Linkedln: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BREAKDOWN Fanebeek Teitter Linhesllu legs Yauhabe fer Orher Videa) 57% Geogle 40% Pheto -Shariny Siten Perams 19% Seeial sekeserding/Wees Sites 16% Gro-locarlan 14 Duily Deals 6 59 parcant of markarers are online for 8 haus or mare 33 percent online for 11 per week. hours or more WEEKLY SOCIAL TIME SPENT (IN HOURS) 00 01-506-10 11-15 0 16-20 21-25 25-30 31-35 • 35-40 More Than 40 16-20 021-25 3 14 Experienced marketers spend betwoen one eighth and one fourth of a traditional workweek en social meda sites. . Blooming Benefits From saved marketing experses to a wider base of exposure, social madia plays a decisive role in most companies' marketing structures. The top-tier benetits of social media marketing include increased eposura, incresed traffic, and greater markwtp ae ina ght: BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 100 80 63% 55% 60 56% 46% 20 Irccasoc noaasod Providod Genorated Dowloced moroed Expoe Grow Buiress Mieg Rarkinga Parierh Espenes Recucoc improvod Trme rarketpi ce Lea Leya Fas Sah Seles raight An in-depth beneftt-by-beneflt look reveanls the following Increased Exposure A hefty 05 percent of markalurs noted gains in business exposure due to social media use Inereased Traffle G8 percent of marceters noted increis in overall traffic MarketplaceInsight Generated Leuels In tatal, Si pur uf marketers emploving social stralegies anjeryut an increase in lead generation. should siso be noted tht 65 peroert of smal tusinen Dwners were more likely than athers to genenale Almast two-thirds (65 percent) of marketers use social mecia asa markelplen rtuligerc booster. Also. those SEHring to 10 hours per week on social media were most ikely to anin market inaight, whie 72 percant spencing 11 hours per wook alsa saw gans in this ra leads Improved Seareh Rankings 55 percent of marketers on sacal madia siw Deceloped Loyal Fans Overall 5a percent of #1 marketers using social medie Sow an increase in the amount of loyal dedicated mprovoment in their search FAN tars with a ane year UCization of social media the acquisition of loyw fan bases increased to 65 per cent rankings. The more time spent marketing with social media, the more of s search faniking increase you will see Grew Business Partnershie Comparies spenaing the most time on their social madia markuting undvors were found to gan the most partnerships, 51 percert of markuters polled were able to grow business partnerships from the experience %2$ Reduced Marketing Expenses At d6 percent, almost haif of markutars using social madia efforts experienced reduced market rg exrove At 57 percent, the seif employed are more likely than others to jea a rarkating cost reduction. %24 Improved Sales A signticant 40 percent pf markaters poled rg sacial media have indicated a sales increase Of those polled in the 2012 Social Mudia Mariceting Industry Report. 51.5 percant of amall businesses with 2 or more people were mare ikely te see Future Forays "In the futere, marketers plan on inerensing their use of social media services, ineluding: sales incrases FUTURE SOCIAL MEDIA INCREASES TauTub/Vides 78% Facebeot 72% Twiter 69% Blage Google Linkelh Whie certain services such as Facebook and Twitter will see increates, there are several tools such as Googlet and geolocation-based social media platforms that organizations should aspire to kam more about NEEDED SOCIAL MEDIA KMOWLEDGE 100 70% 58% 60 S1% 40 20 Sogle Sociel Photo Forums deelscetior Daly Elogs Facebsok Lieed Youtuee Twiter Phote Fas Deelsetior Day Otr Video Bookru Shann rg/ewn Siben Stee Social media marketing has had a significant impaet on many companies'success in the marketplace. Many benefits sauch as inereased sales, inereased traffie, and improved search rankings are seen even when a smaller effort (6 hours per week) is integrated. However, the more time spent on a campaign, the more sueeessful that campnign will ikely become. SOURCES: SOCIAL MEDIA EKAMINER: 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INDUSTRY REPORT UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO

Soaring Social Media

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Soaring Social Infographic - Social media has evolved to more than a communication medium for students. It is becoming a focus for businesses and proving to be a viable source for new clients and sales.


Social Media
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