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Should I Upload It? A Guide to Deciding Your Next Facebook Profile Pic

Should I upload it A guide to deciding your next f acebook profile pic So let's begin. Are YOU even in the photo? NO YES Seriously? Bad Idea! "WTF!?" Wow, you're funny. It's a no. Your constant posing is the reason you're taking pictures alone. Stop! YES YES This isn't really what Facebook is for. Is it an ultrasound of your unborn child? Are you baring your hairless man chest? Is it a Selfie in the mirror? NO YES NO NO YES Is it a cariciture of NO Is it a elebrity? Is there an animal in the shot? NO yourself? NO NO Is it just random Is it exotic like a lion cub or a YES scenery? YES bird of prey? "WTF!?" YES Has the photo been taken Dude, you're an adult now... Try harder. just to show off a Bad Idea! NO Woah there! NO They have people to post pics for them. Quit now. Seriously? flashy car? YES Go and hang it in a gallery where people will care. Just give your cat it's own account. It would have more friends anyway YES Have you Photoshopped the image to appear more attractive? NO Is it just the badge of a sports team? NO Upload it Is it a picture of your child? YES NO NO YES YES NO NO Seriously? Is the picture of you out on Woah there! No one's falling for it. Give up. In years to come it will only make them hate you. Please stop. Is it a photo of you "sleeping" that you took yourself? Upload it the town? NO Are you showing off tattoos? YES Has it been YES Instagrammed? Is it a drink that costs NO more than 8 hours wages per glass? Do you look orange? "WTF!?" Scrape off the make up, start again. YES Is it someone elses car? YES NO NO YES Bad Idea! NO Cover them up, check for spelling mistakes, Start again. NO Seriously? Bad Idea! YES Get lost, (full kit w*nker). NO You're probably trying to hide the fact you Are you pulling a full on, duck face style, pout? still live at home. Are you NO NO NO wearing full sports kit? Get a job. YES YES NO NO YES NO Are you posing with champagne? YES Seriously? YES It's not a good look for you. Please believe us. Upload it NO Photoworld we print memories

Should I Upload It? A Guide to Deciding Your Next Facebook Profile Pic

shared by clickconsult on May 16
Sick and tired of seeing your friend's stupid face plastered across Facebook? Send him this handy little infographic to try and curb the worst of his picture posting habits. Because, let’s face it, ...




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