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Sharing & Communication Through The Ages

Sharing & Communication Through The Ages 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 вс 1 Cave Paintings France, 30,000 BC Who doesn't loe a cave painting? 3 Carrier Pigeons Greece, 776 BC OK, pigeons are disease-ridden, but they're great with directions, and rather load bearing, according to the Ancient Greeks. 5 The Marathon Man Greece, 530 BC 6 Heliographs Rome, 37 AD Roman Emperor Tiberius sent coded orders daily by heliograph 2 Pictograms China & Egypt, 5000 BC 4 First Postal Service 7 Paper China, 105 AD Tsai Lun of China took the inner Pictograms and ideograms represented a concept, object or activity, and led to Egyptian hieroglyphs and Chinese characters. Persia, 550 Bc Persian King Cyrus the Great created the first Postal Service - which handily doubled os data and tax gathering as uell. Ancient Greek Pheidippides ran 150 miles in two days (with no trainers!) to announce the Greek victory over Persia. bark of a mulberry tree, added water, pounded it a lot - and voila, Created to communicate, themes to the mainland from his island, included animals and symbols for early man. Capri. Alright for some! paper was invented! 8 Town Crier/Bellman The UK, 1540 AD 9 Daily Newspaper Germany, 165O AD The first daily wos the 10 Morse Code The USA, 1835 AD Americon Samuel Morse invents 11 Telephone The USA, 1876 AD Scottish engineer Alexander Graham Bell patents the electric telephone. No camera or apps, but exciting nonetheless! 12 First Transatlantic Signal 13 1st TV Broadcast Cornwall to Newfoundland 14 ARPANET Launched The USA, 1969 AD The Advanced Research Projects Great Britain, 1927 AD Scottish inventor John Logie Baird What did Toun Criers tell the 1902 AD iliterate masses? Royal proclamations, local bylaws and - of course - local business adverts. 'Einkommende Zeitung' published in Leipzig, 1650. The first English daily was the daily Courant, 1702. Morse code, a series of on/off transmitted the first television clicks, tones or lights. Great (and disastrous) for the navy! Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi transmits the first radio signal to signal. Finally, something to point our sofas towards! Agency Netuork was the precursor network to what we nouw know as the global Internet. travel the Atlantic Ocean > Hello World! < в 15 Www VUSA, 1994 AD American government releases 16 AIM USA, 1997 AD AOL pioneered Internet chat with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) in 1997. Now we could all safely talk to total strangers! 17 Blogging USA, 1999 AD Everyone gets a voice - the launch of and LiveJournal in 1999 led to a blogging explosion 20 Twitter USA, 2006 AD What can you really say in 140 18 Facebook USA, 2004 AD 19 YouTube USA, 2005 AD YouTube broke ground in user-generated content, with users uploading videos across the Internet. Totally viral, right? Bored Harvard student Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook. Today it has an estimated 850 million users. Like? control of the Internet ond the characters? A lot, according to Twitter's 350mt users - it's a micro-blogging masterclass. world wide ueb is born - hello light speed news and online shopping! across the Internet. 30,000 Cove Pointings 5000 Pictogroms Corrier Pigeons 550 Postol Service 530 Marathon Mon Heliographs Poper 154 1650 Daily Newspaper 1835 Code Morse Coc 1876 Telephone Transotlontic Signel 1921 TV broodcast 1969 ARPANET Lounched 1994 www 1997 AIM 1999 Blogging acebook 2005 YouTube 2006

Sharing & Communication Through The Ages

shared by MOO on Apr 23
At MOO we love the fast moving world social media and we wanted to take a look back over all of human history to see how sharing and communication has evolved through cave paintings, carrier pigeons, ...



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