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The Sharing Avalanche

The SHARING AVALANCHE The last several years has seen an explosion in social media and social networking. This increase in interconnectivity between people has led to an incredible rise in the amount of information being shared, a trend that promises only to accelerate in coming years. Social Networks by THE NUMBERS Just how many people are using social networks? The numbers might surprise you! 800 600 400 200 g+ Facebook Twitter Google+ 800 200 40+ million users million users million users O To put this in perspective, there are 100 times as Social media site usage accounts for many Facebook users as there are people living in New York City. E 24% New York of all time spent By comparison, online games take up just 9.8% of online time. online. • What 60 You seconds 48 Tube of social media looks like: hours of Around 3,500 photos video is uploaded to YouTube. are uploaded to Flickr. t- More than 2,000 people 1,000 posts More than 500,000 status are made to check in on updates Tumblr. FourSquare. are posted on Facebook. • If you were to print all the world's tweets for one 24-hour • If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country, population wise, in the world, with China and India outranking it. period, the book would be 10 million pages long. China India Facebook However, within 3-5 stacked, that many pages would stand at 1,470 feet, or almost as tall as Taiwan's Taipei 101, which is the second tallest building in the world. years, Facebook will Likely have a larger "population" than China! Who's SHARING? Social media is on the BY AGE rise, with nearly 4 of every 5 people online using social media and blogs. • Social media use by age group 83% 70% Just who is most active? 51% 33% BY GENDER 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+ 44% Male 56% Female O Women are more likely to watch videos on social media, but men watch them 9% longer. O LinkedIn is the only social networking site dominated by males. O Twitter is dominated by women, as are most other social networks. in Who's NOT Sharing? About 80% of Americans online have joined a social networking service, but that doesn't mean they all participate. Log in • Just over 50% of Facebook users • Half of Twitter's registered accounts follow less than 2 • 47% of Twitter 11% of Facebook accounts are not accounts are active. log in each day. currently inactive. people. A Picture is WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS Photos are a favorite way to share, and the top social networks make it easy to show off our favorite pictures. 8+ O Google+ has a total of 3.4 billion photos uploaded. O In August 2011, Flickr reached 6 billion photos. O 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. The Power of SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is growing in popularity not only among consumers, but also among businesses. Facilitating social sharing around brands is quickly becoming a priority for many PROMOTION 70% of adults who use social networking also shop online. of those who use 3+ digital methods to research 60% products they intended to buy learned about the retailer or brand via social media sites. Of these online shoppers, 48% responded to an offer on Facebook or Twitter that was posted by a retailer. of active, adult networkers follow a 53% brand on social media. Ford ran its 2011 Explorer launch on social media. It was 200% more effective than a Super Bowl ad. But too much sharing isn't a good thing when it comes to business... 44% 21% 24% of brand unlikes on Facebook are due to too many posts from the brand. of unlikes are due to excessively promotional posts. of brand unfollows are due to excessively promotional tweets, Social media has a vast and growing influence on how we share our lives and stay in touch with friends. It has changed the flow of information from a one-way service to a two-way conversation, and it has improved our ability to engage brands, politicians, and news organizations. Social media sites continue to grow, and as they extend their reach into mainstream outlets, they will become an increasingly important aspect of our lives by becoming increasingly good at facilitating the sharing of information. Sources o o o o o o o m-google-ceo/ o o o cts-our-lives-81653 o o o o Infographic design by: Contact us: VOLTIER - Website: - Phone: 1-866-558-2186 DIGITAL · Email: [email protected] - Twitter: @voltierdigital In association with: Contact us: - Website: - Phone: 323.230.0854 PLASTICK - Email: [email protected] - Twitter: @plastickmedia THE CREATIVE NEW MEDIA AGENCY millions of users

The Sharing Avalanche

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What does 60 seconds of social media look like? How many people are actually on Facebook, Twitter and Google+? How often do people use Foursquare as opposed to Tumblr? A new exclusive infographic e...


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