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Shared Politics: What we say (and won't say) about politics on social media

**** Shared Politics What we say fand won't say) about politics on social media FOUND have hit the "Like" button in response 47% to political comments or material posted by someone else friends whose 16% beliefs match have posted positive comments in 38% response to a political post or status update from someone else their own 18% SHUNNED friends who have different ideas WHY ? WHO? posted too frequently about political subjects When they end contact on SNS over political content, it's usually a distant friend or aquaintance. But. 10% posted something about politics or issues that they disagreed with or found offensive 9% argued about political issues on the site with the user or someone the user knows 18% say a family member was involved 8% posted something about politics that the user worried would offend other friends 5% say a close personal friend 31% was involved disagreed with something the user posted about politics 73% POSTING PREFERENCES only sometimes agree or never agree with their friends' posts Discovered through a post that a friend's political beliefs were different than they always agree or 25% mostly agree with their friends' 37% Post political material political posts 38% thought occasionally 22% AGREE OR DISAGREE? Say they have decided not to post political comments SELF-CENSORING Those who have not made posts about politics for fear of offending others 30% 24% 18% « liberal « moderate >> conservative >> Moderates or liberals are more likely than conservatives to 60% use social networking sites 74% SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE BY IDEOLOGY designed by Rainie, L, & Smith, A. (March 2012). Social Networking Sites and Politics. Pew Internet & American Life Project. Retrieved from

Shared Politics: What we say (and won't say) about politics on social media

shared by Carousel30 on Jul 18
In a country that often seems so polarized by politics, Pew Research Center’s study offers a bit of comfort by demonstrating SNS users with different views can, in fact, get along. Only 25% of resp...



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