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SEO Video Marketing: The Next Level Of Promoting Your SEO Through Video Content

ELSNER Technologies Pvt Ltd. SEO Video Marketing You will be surprised to know that video made up to 64% of all the internet traffic according to statistics released by Cisco in their report on the 2014 Visual Networking Index. It was also forecasted that these statistics are going to increase to 80% by the end of the year 2019. The fantastic part is, we are in the final quarter of the year 2019, and we have seen the popularity of video splurge the advertising and marketing sphere like a revolution. Video Integration With the presence of videos, it is possible to get positive results on the significant SEO ranking factor: content. Video is the essence of quality content. It can be considered to be the perfect media mix on a site that can send signals to search engines about the presence of rich media present on your webpage or site relevant to the search requests. Label Your Videos with Proper Keywords It is crucial to inform the search engines about your videos so that they can consider it relevant to be displayed on the search results page. This can be done in the same way as you would do for pictures and graphics. Employ keywords for text SEO in fields where you need to describe the video. This can be in the titles, file names, descriptions, and tags. This way, you can enhance the relevance of your video and ensure that it shows up on top SERPS. wfeSettings 2 thancements I Audie CREATOR STUDIO O slescc i DASHBOARD This is a cat video H VIDEO MANAGER Vides This is a cat video Channel Playists Uploaded time (-) LIVE STREAMING Views * COMMUNITY A CHANNEL ilıl ANALYTICS A TRANSLATIONS& Basic info Translatione Monetation YouTube Help Add Video Transcript At the Bottom of the Video Never forget to add a video transcript at the end of the video. It can, not only enhance its feasibility, but you can also get further support for its relevance in the search results. Add Video Add a new sitemap Sitemap sitemap.oml SUBMIT Video sitemaps are considered Submitted sitemaps to be an extension of the general sitemap of your web property. It is possible to personalize the metadata by integrating view count, age appropriateness, duration, whether the video may be embedded, etc. Skrap Type Last ad Suka Diveed Jae 26 2019 Fab 18 2019 Sccess 2330 I Senip Ma 27,201 Fab 12 2019 Suces rating, Rovs per page 1 Put Your Video on YouTube If you are a small business, getting your video published on YouTube can make you receive more traction. The other benefit is that you do not have to worry about slow load time on your website due to video upload. we suggest that in universal search results, videos that perform well are either related to reputed brands or are associated with publishers like YouTube, ThisoldHouse or AlIRecipes. - DVoulube" Phates Select files to upload Set up vaur channe an a yur ta Anew way to upload wideos is ooming soon Trynow N PEME Peees tey vde HELP AND SUSTION ves ngean e yoe By ng your to Youh teett yo ts ersof eve C etre Pese be enett molate ethen copyrgter privecyght. Leem me Upicad inmuctiona| Troubleshooting| Mobile upioade Create Backlinks from Your YouTube Video It is important to note that shares and likes on your YouTube video might not count much as links on your website. However, you can create two backlinks from YouTube. Create a YouTube channel and put your webpage in your channel profile. You should also put your link in the video description. Social Signals (in Social signals can boost your social media presence, which will bring more awareness and more people will see your video. As more and more people start to like and view your videos, it will have a positive impact on the search engines, and you will get more value from your video content.

SEO Video Marketing: The Next Level Of Promoting Your SEO Through Video Content

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You will be surprised to know that video made up to 64% of all the internet traffic. The popularity of video splurged the advertising and marketing sphere like a revolution. Today, it has become easie...


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