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Seattle Interactive Conference 2012 Infographic

sic:// 3K BEFORE DURING AFTER PEAK VOLUME 9-10AM PEAK VOLUME 10-11AM 10.42 TPM 9.92 TPM TWITTER BLOG OTHER POPULAR CHANNELS 31% 28% BEFORE DURING 10.230.31 10.28 I..05 52% AFTER 1.5K % POSTS THAT TURN INTO CONVERSATIONS #SIC2012 #SIC2011 TWEETS BEFORE, DURING & AFTER SIC2012 GOOGLE TRENDS MOST POPULAR THREAD ACTIVITY BY TIME OF DAY How many seattleites does it take to put out a fire? 4 firetrucks and 400 geeks to tweet about it ;) #sic2012 ME DMO Rob Christianson @robchristianson Oct 29 47 RETWEETS 10 FAVORITES 4am 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm 4am 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm @robchristianson Love this! Did you hear this at the conference or come up with it yourself? :) Monica Guzman @moniguzman Oct 29 TRENDING TOPICS BY TIME OF DAY @moniguzman that was me. I drive folks crazy w/ my bad jokes. ;) Rob Christianson @robchristianson Oct 29 NC @robchristianson Nice! Cool if I quote you in a quick Seattle Times blog post re: the start of the conference jasonsilva elanlee Monica Guzman @moniguzman Oct 29 shingy stanleypiano @moniguzman be my guest. :) i'll tell my kids at least SOMEONE appreciates my jokes! LOL Rob Christianson @robchristianson Oct 29 4am 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm 4am 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm POPULAR HASHTAGS TRENDING TOPICS TOP PARTICIPANTS BY CHANNEL DURING BEFORE BEFORE #seattleinteract DURING Felice Lam # jasonsilva #seattle #conference /possiblezbar /crownsocial /uievolution /elanlee / shingy / stanleypiano 190Y 5 #sic2012 #seattle Christina Weis 137 y MOST POPULAR INSTAGRAM SUBJECTS SIC2012 VOCAB Seattle Interactive 134 Y @seattleinteract 10.8% /posts #SIC2012 Millennial Media's Candy Bar 95.2% /posts BLOG MENTIONS Seattle Interactive Conference //// 7.2% /post Gangnam Style Ben Huh STANLEY The #sic2012 hashtag was widely used; however AOL made up their own (#seattleinteract) / = 1 RELATED POST DK's Stanley Piano FOURSQUARE STATS POPULAR POST LOCATIONS f 16% shared their check in on Facebook 185 SEATTLE NEW YORK CITYA 234 SAN FRANCISCO V 115 shout to portland with highest per capita 4353 sic://october2012 28% shared their check in on Twitter seattle interactive conference CHECK INS tracx CROWN SOCIAL A GEN CY

Seattle Interactive Conference 2012 Infographic

shared by crownsocial on Nov 19
Infographic depicting social media conversations and posts before, during, and after the 2012 Seattle Interactive Conference.


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