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Scoring Klout: The Inside Scoop

SCORING KLOUT The Inside Scoop on the Web's Hottest Measure of Social Influence Klout decoded What is it? How am I ranked? How do I sign up? Klout assigns a numerical value to Klout scores rango from 1 to 100 and your social influence by evaluating your onlino activity. Simply authorize Klout to accoss an existing Facebook or Twitter account. can fluctuate on a daily basis, based on your online activity. ж ж 20 ж ж ж ж ж ж ж 10 30 40 50 60 70 90 100 Justin Bieber Only 5% of The average Klout score is the only individual to users have a Klout score have a perfect Klout score higher than 50 How does Klout measure your score? What goes into your score? The number of people you influence tw Retweets and mentions fb Comments, wall posts, and likes how much you influence them in Comments, likes how influential they are 4s Tips, to-do's, done g+ Commonts, shares, +1s Klout Score Each user gots 5 +K each day to distribute to other usors they consider influential Klout gets you noticed Tweets from people with higher Klout scores tend to generate longer online attention. Klout Score Online attention* 0-40 25 minutes Why so long? Infrequent tweeters with fewer followers are 40-70 5 minutes competing with loss noise in the Twittor stream. 70-75 25 minutes 75-80 2 hours 45 minutos 80-85 5 hours 15 minutes 85-90 5 hours 35 minutes *Numbers listed are defined as the half-life of a Tweet by Klout, or the point at which a Tweet has gotten half the retweets it will eventually receive and is headed for a rapid decline. Klout has its perks With enough Klout, you can qualify for freebies. Klout Perk $50 BUSINESS CARDS GIFTCARD Personalized business cards Copy of American Heart Association film Three-day loan of Chevy Volt or Lift ticket to Aspen Tickets to a Bon Jovi Concert $50 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods Klout Score 20 40 55 60 30 This is only a sampling of perks. Ovor 3,500 companies use Klout Perks to reach influential Each Klout Perk generates online mentions! consumers. Who's got political Klout right now? As of May 2012, the top political influencers in the U.S. are: Barack Obama 494 Mitt Romney 84 Anderson Cooper 80 Mike Bloomberg 75 Bill Gates Ezra Klein 73 Chuck Todd 72 Washington Post "The Fix" 471 Nancy Pelosi 67 Bret Baier On average, each of these individuals: • Influences 249,500 others • Has 2,315,672 Twitter followers • Gets over 1,000 retweets each day Klout VS Klout: Who's Got More? Klout scores, as of May 2012 64 Paula Deen Anthony 75 Bourdaiń 84 Oprah Ellen 89 Tim 79 febow Peyton 42 Manning 58 Harry Potter Hunger Games 61 78 New York Yankees Yankees Boston Red Sox Red Sox 77 61 Diet Coke Pepsi 44 д9 АAlac Duck Geiço Gecko 44 What's your Klout Score? 0. Not sure about Klout? You've got options: Klout KRED Peerlndex Primarily measures Influence Influence and outreach Authority Social networks considered Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Foursquare Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Quora Twitter 1-1000 for influence 1-11 for outreach Scoring scale 1-100 1-100 Offline influence included? No Yes No Perks? Yes Yes Yes Croated for © QuinStreet, Inc. 2012 Sources: What Does Klout Measure? The Official Klout Blog, 2011 A New Era for Klout Scores The Official Klout Blog, 2011 Online 100 Million People Have Klout, The Official Klout Blog, 2011 The Life of a Tweot, The Official Klout Blog, 2011 DEGREES.COM G20 Influencers, Burson-Marsteller and Klout, 2012 The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies, Fast Company, 2012 Pepsi Coke COANN

Scoring Klout: The Inside Scoop

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Facebook allows us to obsess over the mundane details of our friends’ lives, and Google+ has made hanging out a legitimate activity even for people over the age of 17. So all the Web needed to fin...


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