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Saudi Arabia Internet Behaviour

SAUDI ARABIA INTERNET BEHAVIOUR globalwebindex B USI NESS COMPASS Research & Brand Consultancy INTRODUCTION GlobalWeblndex, the most comprehensive continuous global study into consumer Internet behaviour, attitudes and motivations, STREAMED CONTENT Streaming video clips is the most popular Internet activity in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Internet users are more has collaborated with Dubai-based Business Compass, the research and analytics consultancy arm of the Vivaki Group, to launch a study into the Saudi Arabia online market. likely to have streamed online video clips than the average global Internet user. Saudi Arabians generally stream less than the average global Internet user in regards to other content. The GlobalWeblndex currently covers 27 countries, 100k consumers and 5 waves of research since 2009, providing the most detailed understanding on multi-platform online behaviour ever compiled. The scope and detail of the survey provides an unprecedented view of Internet evolution on a global scale, and for the first time in Wave 5 - the Middle East. DOWNLOADED CONTENT Saudi content consumption shows significant variations in some categories, for example, podcasts and pre-recorded media files downloadable to portable digital media devices are consumed by a much higher proportion of Internet users than elsewhere in world. Over the next four waves, GlobalWeblndex will continue to grow in the region, to include: Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, UAE, Israel, Lebanon, Tunisia and Iran by the end of 2012. To discover the insights behind the infographic and to explore the massive depth of data, visit OPINIONS Saudi Arabian Internet users tend to be very active in voicing their opinions online and are much more likely to comment on stories, write articles, and blog than the average global Internet user. 20.9% Micro-bloggers 35.3% Forum/BBS SOCIAL Social media behaviour in Saudi Arabia Manage own website 20.5% Online office apps 45.2% 52.2% Upload video shows similar trends to emerging and newly industrialised markets. Penetrations of video sharing, social networking, micro-blogging and forum usage are all higher than the global 54.1% Social network profile Written an article 27.3% Written own blogs 25.5% PRODUCTIVITY Online banking and online shopping are two of the most used productivity services worldwide, but Internet users in Saudi Arabia are much less likely to use these types of productivity services online. 56.7% Upload photos average. 35.2% VOIP Purchased product online 23.3% Used an aggregator 16.1% Online banking 43.4% COMMUNICATION Saudi Arabians use the Internet as a 62.4% Instant Message means of communication more than the average global Internet user. Voice over IP (VOIP) services such as Skype or Fring are particularly popular. 70.2% Webmail Subscribe to RSS feed 15.3% Find out more /// mail /// [email protected] - Global Avg. % % Actions / Behaviour of 16-64 yr olds in the last month via a PC 9 MILLION ACTIVE ONLINE USERS Gender Access Location I Use The Internet To Internet Makes Me Feel Closer To People Update friends 71.4% 77.5% Agree Female 31.9% 71.8% From Work 43.8% 24.7% Other venue e.g. Cafe 9.9% Disagree People who spend more than 3 hours a day online Male 68.1% 12.5% Neither From Home 92.9% 20.4% Roaming Share content 73.6% Age Expected Favourite Access Point 1 Year From Now Concerned The Internet Favourite Access Point 55 - 64 1.7% Is Eroding My Privacy 64.8% Agree Personal PC/Laptop 73.5% 22.4% Personal PC/Laptop Research products to buy 76.5% 45 - 54 5.5% 37.7% People who spend more than 3 hours a day watching TV 35-44 17.0% 16.7% Disagree Work PC/Laptop 9.4% 11.0% Work PC/Laptop 25 - 34 46.8% Express myself 77.8% 18.4% Neither 16 - 24 29.0% Mobile Phone 10.5% 23.3% Mobile Phone I Tend To Buy Branded Products I See Advertised Education E-book reader 0.5% 2.4% E-book reader Post graduate 5.1% Share my opinion 86.8% 45.5% Agree University 35.8% Trade school or college 25.9% Upper secondary school 19.2% Lower secondary school 8.2% Through TV 1.0% 3.9% Through TV 72.3% 29.2% Disagree Online via laptop while watching TV Tablet device 5.1% 37.1% Tablet device Fill up spare time 91.1% 25.5% Neither Primary school 5.8% I designed by [email protected] 26.7% Music service I 31.9% Live online radio 20.9% Sports programme 10.3% Full-length TV show 42.7% Full-length film 80.9% Video clips Comment on a story 51.8% Reviewed product 36.9% 17.4% Used social bookmark Podcasts 52.5% Free music 41.3% Paid music 7.8% Free films/TV shows 42.1% P2P music/films/TV shows 11.1%

Saudi Arabia Internet Behaviour

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An infographic showing the internet behaviours of 16-64 yr olds in Saudi Arabia compared against global averages in the same fields.


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