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The Road to Success Using Social Media

A ROAD TO SUCCESS USING Social Media tof A What is Social Media 16-30 ZONE Social media is a virtual network or community where people and businesses can interact, share and exchange information These interactive platforms have become exceptionally popular in recent years with almost every business and every private person having a social media account of some kind. The majority of social media users are people between the ages of sixteen and thirty. Social Media Opportunities When it comes to social media, businesses have a lot of opportunities available to them from the popular Facebook and Twitter to the networking site of Linkedin. Other forms of social media include blogs and YouTube. 92% in 82% 73% Ninety two percent of companies use Facebook for their social media marketing, while eighty two percent use Twitter, seventy three percent use Linkedin, sixty percent rely on blogs that link back to their website and fifty nine percent use YouTube. Video blogs, known as vlogs are loaded onto YouTube and this is one of the many areas that companies are working on when it comes to their marketing efforts. .............. Why Companies Use Social Media to Succeed in Business INCREASE TRAFFIC FLOW MERGING TRAFFIC HIGH TRAFFIC LEVELS 95% The majority of companies that use social media as part of their marketing efforts use this form of marketing because they can increase their exposure and increase traffic to their website. Another reason is that these companies place a high value on ber social media marketing Ninety five per cent of businesses throughout 'the world use social media as a networking tool with fifty percent of these businesses noticing a significant improvement in their visibility, web traffic and sales. they generate more business using this fool. Using guest blogging services, loading a blog and then using a networking platform generate interest about the blog is definitely a good way to increase your exposure and generate more interest in your business. to Interestingly more than one quarter of businesses will work on their social media marketing for more than ten hours each week. Success Through Social Media It is a fact that a majority of businesses have noticed an improvement in their visibility, turnover and website traffic by using social media. Guest blogging services, status updates and video blogs all contribute towards this success. 80% 70% 60% 59% 57% ....................................................................... Of these companies that had been using social media constantly for three or more years, over eighty percent of them claimed that they had increased exposure. More than seventy percent of new business partnerships have been as a result of social media. A large number of businesses also stated that they had an number of leads generated through social media, this amounted to around sixty percent of businesses that use this medium on a regular basis. nincreased For those looking to improve their exposure in search engine results, guest blogging services, status updates and video blogs assisted fifty nine percent of these businesses to achieve this. ---------------------------- After three years of using social media, fifty seven percent of businesses reported that their sales had improved. One of the advantages with using social media for any business whether a large corporation or a work dramatically reduced. You can use guest blogging services as and when needed rather than having a full time employee. home business is that marketing expenses are ---................................................... Using Social Media to Find the Right Employees Over ninety percent of companies throughout the world use social media as part of their recruitment process with forty five percent of these businesses Of the companies that used social media during their recruitment process 70% D 50% social media after receiving" via application, before they even make contact with the applicant. the 9 the CV= Over twenty percent of businesses used social media as a recruitment tool after initial discussions with the applicant. Interestingly almost seventy percent of because their social media information was different from what they stated on their CV were declined

The Road to Success Using Social Media

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Find out how and why companies all around the world are using social media to market their businesses. From marketing to the recruitment process, social media is becoming an integral part of any bus...


Social Media
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