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The Rise of Social Media & Collaborative Consumption

2013 Sharing Economy = $35 Billion The Rise of Social Media & Collaborative Consumption You Tube Matup SU S in A W qik Technology is connecting individuals to information, other people, and physical things in ever-more efficient and intelligent ways. It's changing how we consume, socialize, mobilize- ultimately, how we live and function together as a society. In a global economy where the means of production are becoming increasingly decentralized, where access is more practical than ownership, what do the successful businesses of the future need to know? Collaborative Consumption Models - ZipCar / Freecycle / Groupon / Spotify (Google Trends) 20th Century 21st Century Credit Reputation Advertising Community Individual Ownership Shared Access The New Drivers of Sharing (Latitude Group) Community Environment Technology 78% 85% of participants believe that Web and mobile technologies will of participants felt their online interactions with people have made them more open to the idea of sharing with strangers, suggesting that the social media revolution has broken down trust barriers. More than 3 in 5 participants made the connection between sharing and sustainability, citing "better for the environment" as one benefit of sharing. play a critical role in building large-scale sharing communities for future. Digital Sharing Physical Sharing 70% 53% THE DRIVE OF DIGITAL 35% 3 out of 4 participants currently share personal or informational content through social networking platforms. Moreover, 70% share digital media, and 68% share physical media like books and DVDS. – Of those who share information and media online, approximately 2 in 3 participants use other people's creations licensed under Creative Commons.After information and media, the most shared categories are, respectively: Living space, Work space, and meal sharing. 18% 0% The New Opportunities of Sharing P2P Lending P2P Property P2P Transport ( (AirBnB) (ZipCar) Reported Loan Purpose Worldwide Presence Car Ownership $288 Finance charges: $67 $84 $100 $49 $44 $175 Cities: 8,000+ Car payment: Countries: 166 Insurance: Currencies Transacted 8 Gas: Wedding Expenses Languages Translated 7 License & taxes: Maior Purchase Business Maintenance: Home Improvement Parking: Credit Cards 63% 700,000 Tetal: $802/mo Total: of Lending Club borrowers report Nights Booked using their loans to consolidate debt or pay off their credit cards. Vs Comparison with Other Top Cities & Markets Shared Ownership Investments If you drive a lot: $279/mo Several trips each week and a weekend trek out to the country (10 two-hour, 2 three-hour and 2 24-hour reservations) 2250 + 9.67% Lending Club Notes + 7.28% Morning Star US Corp Bond Index If you drive a bit: $126/mo 1500 A couple trips each week (6 two-hour and 2 four-hour reservations) + 5.87% High Yield Bond Fund (HYG) If you drive a little: $28/mo About one trip a week (4 one-hour reservations) + 5.87% High Yield Bond Fund (HYG) 750 + 1.05% Schwab Target 2040 Fund $500+/mo Saving: -- 2.26% S&P 500 Promeotional Codes Sources: Latitude Research - The Sharing Economy | Data From "What's Yours is Mine" 2010 AAA Study Google Trends | | | The UK's Number 1 Promotional Codes Website Design By @Acquisitioneng Digital Media Physical Media Living Space Work Space Meal Sharing Household Items A pparel New York Paris Vancouver Barcelona Buenos Arires Berlin Rome

The Rise of Social Media & Collaborative Consumption

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Collaborative consumption re-focuses the motivation around consumer goods to encourage models of sharing, swapping, lending, trading, saving or renting. The concept, championed as: “a new socio-eco...


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