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The Republican Race

The Republican Race ecaa on Some Insightful Results from Socialbakers facebook. 2 SUPER TUESDAY With nine states in play, who will rise to the top? Mitt Romney 1,498,733 FANS Rick Santorum 160,792 FANS REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN MA PA Ron Paul 884,368 FANS Newt Gingrich 289,104 FANS REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN TX GA E Key Measurements How are the candidates performing leading up to Super Tuesday? People Talking About* (Thousands) Fans Gained (Thousands) 10 165 PAUL ROMNEY SANTORUM GINGRICH Jan 31 Romney Feb 7 Santorum wins MS, MN, CO, Feb 28 Jan 31 Feb 7 Feb 28 Romney wins MI, AZ Romney Santorum Romney wins MI, AZ wins FL wins FL wins MS, MN, CO, * Types of Posts by Candidates and Associated Interactions* What is the distribution of post types and to what extent do people engage with each type? ROMNEY SANTORUM 109 TOTAL POSTS 268 TOTAL POSTS 6,713 682,328 513,130 TOTAL INTERACTIONS TOTAL INTERACTIONS 99,404 ALBUM STATUS 2% 16% LINK STATUS 40% 33% LINK 53% PHOTO 24% VIDEO VIDEO PHOTO 24% 4% 15,119 135,726 17,811 PAUL GINGRICH 50 52 TOTAL POSTS TOTAL POSTS 508,879 303,991 TOTAL INTERACTIONS TOTAL INTERACTIONS 68,871 46,728 27,172 LINK STATUS 17% 10% STATUS 18% LINK 36% VIDEO 15% PHOTO PHOTO VIDEO 38% 58% 8% 19,475 E Most Engaging Post Leading Up to Super Tuesday > Mitt Romney O 11,142 Likes O 2,435 Comments > Rick Santorum O 5,826 Likes Q 2,049 Comments President Obama says he is learning. The presidency is not the place to learn how to lead. It is a place to exercise the judgment and leadership that has been learned over a lifetime. It's not about contraception; It's about economic liberty; it's about freedom of speech; it's about freedom of religion. It's about government control of your lives and it's got to stop. February 15th February 20th > Ron Paul O 18,736 Likes Q 1,861 Comments Newt Gingrich O 13,238 Likes Q 2,441 Comments It is an outrage that President Obama is the one apologizing to Afghan President Karzai on the same day two American troops were murdered and four others injured by an Afghan soldier. It is Hamid Karzai who owes the Атerican people an apology, nоt the other way around. Comment below, February 23rd We had an incredible turnout of 4,000 at Michigan State University today! Freedom really is popular! February 27th * Spoken Words What are the most frequently used words by the candidates in their posts leading up to Super Tuesday? ROMNEY SANTORUM EDngh smaller-always Night| presidential states 4 surprises entered day many President presideney time Missouri blpendmer religos growth agree government Oklahoma RasmUSsen Thank Campaign permanent Super spending Komney government trail Flection oad make inage electel o polls CAmpaigning online Join. Make poll E Elisteni Obama Rallynational share Iritay family miquely today етегy * Campaign Repetlizans chance week, stiker Donate Togete Click g leadership years pret Must Washingten first JOin back votes COuntry peoplechat -live Constitution, just tiree automatically Help O 31 Liger President Obama PICK pmGrassroots. please MN join spread values message Walch race alternative economy wadch economic Florida Thanks Aewt F 10:00 America CPAC everyone Michigan right a American-E leaders Qrassroots O Ohio election 2 agree message better America pPlease endorsed sOntable place stop Party. take now : candidate GOP Senator PAUL GINGRICH gening achieve way Bomb tonight Iuesday Support years give Barack way Live Reagan people Take I Santorum supporters Flarida Read take event Center talking 'donated campaign voters get LIKE freedom defend arocnd anything Alghan Convention Conservative loud friends establishment Town million Merday Thank OWatch Obama's tonight new tomorrow's thank away offers government plan gallon Georgia. National Cavoto Trail website, history cauCUS Kudlow yesterday CNN Thanks Tate I people Idaho John Epboto national latest delegatesOne ist Please America become California ready Raly anniversary Support Republican palso l want Carol Dr eys Keystone . Ohamacare Super given reach Arizona states Epolicies real candidate proposal "Dream gas E clections - focused Morgan Every critical ONE. sbort Romney I'm still waiting. Measurements are taken as averages for given days and computed from Socialbakers' social media analytics solution, Engagement Analytics Pro (data is sourced from Facebook's Open Graph API). All data is public data and published by Facebook users on open and public fan pages. socialbakers Supastar SupaStar avatars are property of Paul Chang Design, LLC - Infographic by Paul Chang Design - *INFOGRAPHIC DETAILS Data Range January 30, 2012 to February 28, 2012 People Talking About The number of unique people who have created a story about your Page in the past seven days. A story is created when someone "likes" your Page; posts to your Page Wall; "likes", comments on or shares one of your Page posts; answers a question you posted; responds to your event; mentions your Page; tags your Page in a photo; checks in at your Place; or recommends your Place (Facebook metric). Interactions Calculated as the number of "Ilikes" plus the number of comments (Socialbakers metric). F Join video J today first 195,912 INTERACTIONS bold SHARE prices LIKES American leClick 144,593 Americans Conservative PM American Colorado today Minnesota president in Conservativeenergy gasoline: Obamar President solutions 1m cámpaign Fight help Cam right SHARES day. interview talk 1 lower repeal Share Please 34,179 609'v INTERACTIONS today 407,29 INTERACTIONS |inviting hope 290,909 INTERACTIONS send - please Michigan Mahigua mēssage America -SUpporter COuntry 129,624 124,191

The Republican Race

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This infographic examines the state of the GOP presidential race among the most engaging and influential Republican candidates on Facebook.


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