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Real vs Virtual

Real vs virtual Comparing my online activity and that of my friends against my real world contacts. 203 CONNECTIONS ON facebook FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK 73 more friends than the average user. Woot! CONTACT OVER THE LAST 6 MONTHS 76% 15% VIRTUALLY & IN REAL LIFE 17% PRECENT WHO HAVE UPDATED THEIR PROFILE IN THE LAST MONTH Surprised at just how bigh this is. Especially as my Facebook news feed always seems to be dominated by the same 3-4 people. Hyper users vs the average? 63% IN REAL LIFE NO CONTACT 11% VIRTUAL 22% More friends than average but some very loase connections. Out of contact with over balf of the people in my friend list. PERCENT ON BOTH TWITTER AND FACEBOOK A consequence of too many social media friends or a trend? DIFFERENT CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION OVERALL BY FACEBOOK AND BY.. BY FACEBOOK AND BY. BY FACEBOOK ONLY EMAIL MORE THAN 2 CHANNELS.. EMAIL, MOBILE & SNAIL AND.. MOBILE 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 60% of my friends I can only contact through Facebook. That's 122 friends I can't easily import into another social network. However, my closer friends I can fregquently contact using more than one channel such as mobile or email. (Facebook plus one otber: 28 friends, Facbook plus two other: 53 friends) CONNECTIONS ON THE PEOPLE I FOLLOW twitter 20% FRIENDS 55 40% FRIENDS ON TWITTER That's people I actually know in meat space. 45% INDIVIDUALS 60% PERCENT I'VE BEEN IN VIRTUAL CONTACT WITH OVER THE LAST MONTH CELEBRITIES 80% 34% bigber than my interactions on Facebook. I'm am active particpant on T'witter but a browser on Facebook. FAKE CELEBRITIES AGENCIES 89% BRANDS/PRODUCTS 100% PUBLISHERS/BLOGS OTHER PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE I FOLLOW WHO HAVE TWEETED IN THE LAST MONTH Wondering bow this profile differs from my friends and colleagues who use Twitter. I'm surprised that the majority of the accounts I follow are for 'real people' as opposed to brands, products or companies. Significantly bigber than my Facebook friends. Am I rutbless with my follow list (no) or is Twitter simply a more active arena? CONNECTIONS IN MY STORED EMAIL ADDRESSES Address book 14% PERSONAL 243 11% 70% WORK CONTACTS IN MY ADDRESS BOOK NONE STORED Excluding purely business contacts. AROUND THE WEB 9% NETTHER Email addresses are increasingly important for the first time you use a new social network or service - it makes finding your friends and colleagues possible. YTet I don't bave an email address for 70% of my contacts. 16% 68% CONTACT OVER THE LAST 6 MONTHS ON FACEBOOK &TWITTER ON FACEBOOK NO CONTACT 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% More people that I should feel guility about not seeing! Slightly gratifing that the majority of my interactions bappen in real life than online. 84% of the people in my address book I'm also connected to on Facebook, a incredibly bigb proportion. That suggests the remaining 16% are probably on Facebook too, we're just not connected. Well, maybe not great aunt Akwyne, she doen't even own a mobile phone let alone a computer, but. MARE BY MANY MOBILE EMAIL REAL LIFE VIRTUAL & REAL

Real vs Virtual

shared by GeeGrl on Mar 28
Comparing online activity and that of other people against the real world contacts.


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