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The Public Is Growing Weary of Popular Technology

deep dive SodaHead kepuchie TECH a weekly infographic It seems many people are growing weary of existing formats. From smartphones to social networks, the tech world is in need of some change. Facebook Falling In a recent survey, many respohdents admitted they.stilj check • Façebook on a daily basis... 10% Constantly 20% Once or twice a day .However, they plan to spend less time on it in. the future. 33% A few times a day, XH 2% XI More time 52% 37% Not even daily Less time 36% The same IA Votes: 965 Votes: 1,214 Dark Star Rising 73% Another social network will eclipse Facebook. Don't worry, though. Something is bound to come along and replace it. facebook. 27% No social network will ever eclipse Facebook. Votes: 724 Plenty of Stars in the Sky Most people are already using multiple social networks. 7% 9% None A ton 23% 61% A few Just one Votes: 740 Overhyped Hardware Hardware could be losing steam as well. Though Apple products are still top sellers, not as many people are itching for a new Apple device. iPad Mini 28% 72% Interested Over it Votes: 901 iPhone5 26% 74% Interested Over it Votes: 1,077 ( ( Results taken from on July 12, 2012. Vote, comment, and share at SodaHead © 2012

The Public Is Growing Weary of Popular Technology

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Facebook and Apple have been at the top of their respective games for some time now, but what goes up must come down. When we polled the public on the two companies, we found that most people were les...




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