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Profile of a twitter user

profile of atwitter user Eu newbie brand Smore 61tch maven mensch Understand Observe Tolerate X Block Follow Adore Person in front of me reading the latest Stephen King, I'm reading it over their shoulder. I so need one of these right now Sharon Stone is guesting on 30 Rock, she looks like a dude in drag Learn all there is to know How to create a custom 100 hacks to help you create the ultimate home office about building your brand on Facebook from me right here twitterbackground http://bit. ly/lbLqo @you How the oil market is being controled - Just had cereal for dinner. Love playing this friggin game Kate Hudson and A-Rod Just wearing my new t-shirt * I bought on coolretroshirts. com - looking good How does twitter travel splitting up - boo hoo, who around the internet? cares You know the type; they use Twitter to voice their views on the world and who is annoying them at the moment. Essentially, a way for people to moan at you despite you not even being there. Despite the name indicating that it's primarily women that do this, there are also a large number of male users who do likewise, mainly for shock value (which is funny at first), but quickly becoming rather disturbing... Quick to join and then unsure what to do with such a new form of Realising they can promote themselves or with a.k.a Media Whore. They want everyone to know what they're doing in their professional life and they use every form of social media technology to let people know. Be it plug their Facebook, or informing people of publications on Twitter, Smores are more often self-delusional how much people really care about their profes- sional life. The Social An expert certain field - marketing, media, recruiting - who uses Twitter to promote their work and build up a network of like-minded people. Maven insightful, and invaluable resource... if you're interested in their field that is. in Mensches often observe people need their exper- tise or know that they can them simply until their the expression. The Newbie is mostly likely a parent or a friend who signs up because their friends and family are doing it and they want to see what the fuss is all about. Inevita- wares service, The Brand joins Twitter to use it as a marketing tool as well as in find answer. When you need an answer to something (the more technical the better), they'll be there to help in an instant. help the keep with Following touch friends. Of course, the social aspect is only there to convince people he or she is not using their followers as adver- a can often be fascinating them articles on make an bly, they 'tweet' pointless messages 'Having a sandwich. I like ham' or 'Taking the dog for a walk' before realis- ing no-one they abandon the service after three months. such as tisers. than not, about cares and Motivation: Curiosity about Twitter Motivation: Greater brand awareness Motivation: Making a buck and gaining followers Motivation: Generating reactions Motivation: Recognized as an expert Motivation: Helping others created by @ngonews inspired by @guykawasaki

Profile of a twitter user

shared by ripetungi on Jan 05
The profile of a Twitter user was inspired by Guy Kawasaki, a fun, cute look at the different users. Which user are you?


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