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Privacy in Facebook vs Google+

llllluilLılill. peeri hosting INFOGRAPHICS SERIES Uncovering the Mystery Behind Today's Bleeding-Edge Technology Google+ nttp:// Privacy: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW facebook f ys 8+ SIGN UP We use social media sites like Facebook and Google+ all the time, often without truly considering the risks. How much of your information is 3 being collected? You may have your settings in place, but that doesn't +1 mean that your information is completely protected. With too much information DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT INFORMATION OUT THERE online, it is not difficult to experience leaks. Not all info is meant to be shared. Companies can use your information to present you with ads that are more likely to make you buy. Malware, telemarketers and spammers can all exploit your personal information. facebook A BEHIND THE PRIVACY SETTINGS Is Facebook Watching Your Every Move? Have a Look... Facial Recognition Like - Dislike · Comment · 1 minute ago - A Facebook uses software to pick you out in photos and prompts your friends to tag you. Guessing Your Interests Like - Dislike · Comment - 1 minute ago The site will actually guess your interests based on those of your friends, even if you've provided NO information. Sharing Your Phone Number Like - Dislike Comment 1 minute ago Your phone number and other contact info is made available to FB developers. Since some of these developer platforms include malware and the like, this could have very unpleasant consequences. Mapping Your Location Like - Dislike Comment 1 minute ago With Facebook Places, your account updates where you are when you post, sharing with the world your location. Forecasting Your Breakups Like · Dislike - Comment - 1 minute ago R Facebook can actually scan status updates for specific words and has shown that after Valentine's Day and before spring break are the biggest seasons for breakups. Missing Information Leaks Like Dislike Comment 1 minute ago - Certain Facebook applications, such as Farmville, have been found to be leaking information to third parties, including advertisers. Keeping Track of Your Habits Like · Dislike - Comment 1 minute ago By clicking the "Like" button on other sites, Facebook can track your web habits and see which sites you spend more time on. The "Like" button is considered illegal in Germany, with a 50,000 euro fine. E Changing Their Ways > Facebook recently adjusted their privacy settings to be more instant, like Google+. You can now choose who will see your post or photo at the time you post it, rather than changing all your settings each time. Click Click Click HERE! HERE! The site, famous for not having ads previously, is now full of them and tailors the ads to the You can prevent people from searching for you on the site. user, according to likes, friends, and profile information. Google+ A WHATYOU DON'T KNOW O No Anonymity With Google+, you can't use a pseudonym - only your real name - which could be problematic if you prefer to remain anonymous. O Blocking Doesn't Block You When you block someone, your comments and likes still show up on their Is Google+ page. any better? O Anyone Can Add You There's currently no way to prevent other users from adding you to their circles. O No Circle Exclusion While you can include as many circles in a share as you like, you cannot exclude them automatically. Each circle must be selected individually. Now 2 What! You can see what info Google has on you by visiting: Get specific about your circles and create a new one for each group of people with whom you wish to share information. Check for changes in privacy settings on a regular basis. Don't use your phone number or real address on social sites. Protect photos. How to Make use of the privacy settings. Protect Yourself Limit your friends or contacts and make use of circles or lists where you can categorize them. Sources: s=pmtech 1 facebook-designer-spring-fever? s=pmtech 3-20023626-36html

Privacy in Facebook vs Google+

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
With the launch of Google+ earlier this year, Facebook is facing its first major challenger. Reaching 25 million users after just two months, one of the biggest contributing factors that I’ve heard ...


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