Portrait of a Content Marketer: More Than a Marketer

Portrait of A CONTENT MARKETER MORE THAN A MARKETER ! Content marketing attracts individuals from different backgrounds and often requires them to become more than marketers: jacks of all trades and (hopefully) masters of one. Content Marketers don't need to be experts at everything. But they should be well-rounded individuals, borrowing qualities from different walks of life. A SCIENTISTS ANALYTICAL MIND A content marketer is part scientist. Experimentation and mining data for insight are a big part of processes that can always be improved. From landing pages to PPC campaigns, nothing is proven until it's tested. And they're always testing, testing, testing! A COPYWRITER'S LEFT HAND Content marketers teach, engage, and persuade with words in a variety of channels. They need a strong grasp of language to write engaging content that stands out in a crowd and positions their company in a positive light. O A DEVELOPER'S RIGHT HAND A little code and UX know-how never hurt a content marketer. Basic HTML and CSS, as well as an understanding of various marketing software ecosystems, can help a content marketer get more stuff done on their own. A GRAPHIC DESIGNER'S EYE AN ARTIST'S CREATIVE INTUITION Photoshop pro or not, they need an eye for visuals. Content marketers need to have the aesthetic sense to contribute videos, infographics and slideshows to content marketing. They need the instincts to recognize good ideas and an innate understanding of how people think. They're constantly finding new ways to create content that resonates with their audience. O AN SED EXPERT'S NOSE Google is a maze to navigate and content marketers know how to smell their way through search engine algorithms to move their content up in the ranks. A JOURNALIST'S INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS o ↑ A COACH'S LEADERSHIP They know how to conduct research, seek new opportunities and unearth the bigger story. They follow developing trends to deliver relevant information to their Content marketers dictate strategies and document their performance. They execute different plays and improvise as the game changes. audiences, always making sure it's grounded in fact. A MARATHON RUNNER'S LEGS Content Marketing is a marathon. These marketers are in it for the long-run. They need the endurance and the speed to last, as well as the willpower to push on under pressure. Even when it's an uphill struggle, they know how to keep the finish line in mind. A PHILANTHROPIST'S HEART Content marketers give the gift of content-freely. Content marketing is built on generosity and they need to publish altruistic content to establish their brand's authority by helping their audiences. YOUR CUSTOMER'S SHOES Content marketers have to walk a mile in their customer's shoes. Empathy is key to figuring out a buyer persona's motivations and pain points. But that doesn't mean you should steal their shoes! AN INVENTOR'S INSPIRATION A lot of creating, innovating, and brainstorming means a lot of time playing with concepts and ideas to make them work. Inspiration won't always find them, so they need to know how to get the ball rolling and do their job in the hardest of times. O A COMMUNITY MANAGER'S EARS They listen to their audiences and find ways to reach out to them and join the conversation. Social media is the content marketer's second home.What channels? Wherever their audience is. > CREATED BY Aüberflip

Portrait of a Content Marketer: More Than a Marketer

shared by uberflip on Nov 11
The modern content marketer is more than a marketer. This infographic paints a portrait of this versatile individual.






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