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Pinterest For Men

A FEW WAYS THAT MEN CAN USE Pinterest Pinterest isnt only for Women! So here are a few of the many options guys can use Pinterest for. (And maintain their manly-men card) HOME REPAIR PROJECTS Men are borm to fix things, its wired into our DNA! Get great tips and projects to turn your home, car, or secret warehouse into something out of a movie! HEARTY MEAL RECIPES Its a fact that by far, most professional chefs are men. Throw away the notion that only women cook and get some recipes for some wholesome, manly meals! HILARIOUS PHOTOS There's a lot of funny things out there on the web, some appropriate, some not. the best part is that you can put all of it in one place on Pinterest! GADGETS AND TOYS Lets be honest, we men like our toys. Whether its the newest Apple product or that remote that controls every gizmo in your house, we need it! Use Pinterest to sorf out the wants from the must-haves. MOVIES . MUSIC. BOOKS . Whether its Scarface, The Beatles, or The Art of War, show everyone on the web how awesome your taste is! CLOTHING A CCESSORIES We cant deny that most of us men cant dress ourselves that well. use Pinterest to help get a better idea of how to impress the ladies. WORKOUT ROUTINES Find great workouts! Ranging from military routines to a 10 minute "do it in your living room" regimen. Youll be benching semi-trucks in no time! THE WOMAN PSYCHE Its no secret that women are strange and mysterious creatures. Pinterest is your chance to get a sneak peek at what goes on "behind the scenes". With the knowledge you gain here, youll be cleaning up no time! .und if all ekse fails use it to post pictures of HOT CHIC wwW.JMBLOCK.COM

Pinterest For Men

shared by JMBlock on Jan 22
Infographic designed with several different ways men can use the website Pinterest ( Of course, there are many more things that men can use Pinterest for, but this just details a few of them.


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