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The Pinterest Effect

The Pinterest Eppect FROM PIN TO PURCHASE A recent Pew study has shown that 15% of Internet users are on Pinterest, making it the third most-popular social media site in the U.S. And now the site is making a localized effort in the UK. Some say Pinterest is disrupting the social media landscape, but is it influencing online purchase behavior too? The Rise to Popularity From 2011 to 2012, unique visitors on Pinterest grew 286% from 700,000 to more than 20 million. 700k 286% 20M 29 The site saw an increase of 5,124% in total visits in the U.S. 1,489% in the UK. Million Weekly visits in the U.S. increased 2,183% from 1.27 million to 29 million. About 1 in 4 Consumers report that they are spending less time on other social media sites in favor of Bne in pive women are on Pinterest Pinterest. 39% 39% of the market has changed their social networking behavior in some way due to Pinterest. Uhere do Pins Come From? Pins are generated from: Pin it 59% User uploaded content E Etsy 9.36% G Google 8.25% When it comes to finding pins via Google,Pins are generated from: Image Search 82.9% Search 11.59% Google TM Reader 2.78% 2.73% Other Jargeting Those Who Like to Shop 83% 62% 19% 19% 18-49 18-29 30-49 83% of Pinterest users are female The majority of users are between the ages 18 and 49, with equal popularity among those 18-29 (19%) and 30-49 (19%). Well educated, high-income, young white people are those most likely to use the site Average user stats Follow me 229 followers 89min on site 3 boards f Pinit 15% say they do not use any other social media sites. 171 pins 28 likes 80 "The best muin I have eve tasted!" IIIII i Making a Purchase Recommendations Site Content User Spending 59% of all Pinterest users Nearly 50% of female users 37% of male users have When Pinterest users buy, have clicked through to have gone on to make a purchase based on Pinterest recommendations, purchased something they've seen on the site. they spend around S80 per make a purchase. purchase - lwice that of Facebook buyers. compared to around 1/3 of female users of Facebook or Twitter. Uhat They're Buying • OF PURCHASES BASED STRICTLY ON PINTEREST: -Jood and Cooking 33% Jashion and Clothing 32% Home Decoralting 30% Crapts 26% TYPES OF ITEMS PINNED 70% Cooking & Recipes 65% Home Decorating 53% Crapt Jdeas 41% Jashion E Shopping 34% Entertaining 33% Gardening The bpportunity for Brands additional 6.9 9.3 8.5 Traffic Top 100 Brands Retailers Mraft's Share Activity Pinterest is driving 69 of the world's lop Internet users followed more traffic to websites and blogs than According to data, Kraft's recipe sites Approximately 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is generated more retailers on 100 brands now have captured an additional Pinterest (9.3) than on Twitter (8.5) or Facebook (6.9) in March Pinterest accounts. Twitter, Linkedin, 4% share of Pinterest's by users, demonstrating outbound traffic in May great opportunity for brands to increase Google+, or YouTube. 2012. 2012. activity. Sources: - - -

The Pinterest Effect

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How Pinterest is driving consumer spending more than any other social media


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