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Is Photography Dead? The Mobile Photo Explosion

MADE IN IS PHOTOGRAPHY DEAD? THE MOBILE PHOTO EXPLOSION GE LOAD MERA 1826 BIRTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY FIRST PERMANENT PHOTOGRAPH "VIEW FROM THE WINDOW AT LE GRAS." BY NICÉPHORE NIÉPCE Required an eight hour exposure. HARRY RANSOM CENTER AND J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM. Mercury Venus Earth 1861 Mars Neptune FIRST COLOR PHOTOGRAРН ADDITIVE PROJECTED IMAGE OF A TARTAN RIBBON, MORE THAN 3.5 TRILLION PHOTOS TAKEN BY SCOTTISH PHYSICIST JAMES CLERK MAXWELL. HAVE BEEN TAKEN IN THE 186 YEARS SINCE THE FIRST PHOTO IF ALL OF THOSE PHOTOS WERE PRINTED OUT AND STACKED, THE STACK WOULD REACH 553,000 MILES Images are currently being taken at a rate of about 380 Billion per year. at that rate, it willtake lss than 9.2 years to double the amount of photos to more than: 7 TRILLION PHOTOS 1878 Kodak HIGH SPEED PHOTOGRAРН 1888 FIRST KODAK CAMERA contained 20-foot roll of paper, enough for 100 2.5" diameter circular pictures TAKEN BY EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE USING A SERIES OF TRIP WIRES 1889 IMPROVED CAMERA with rolls of film, instead of paper 1890 KODAK BROWNIE box roll-film camera introduced - cost $1 HOW MANY PHOTOS ARE TAKEN EACH YEAR? 380B 86B ALL PHOTOS ANALOG PHOTOS 57B 25B 10B DIGITAL REVOLUTION 3B 4B 1B 1826 1930 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2011 1960 DIGITAL PHOTOS FROM THE MOON TEXAS INSTRUMENTS NASA converted from using analog to digital signals with their space probes to map PATENTED THE FIRST FILM-LESS ELECTRONIC CAMERA the surface of the moon. Computer technology was also advancing at this time and NASA used computers to enhance the images that the space probes were sending. AUGUST SONY. 1981 1972 Sony released the Sony Mavica electronic still camera, the camera which was the first commercial electronic camera. Images were recorded onto a mini disc and then put into a video reader that was connected to a television monitor or color printer. However, the early Mavica cannot be considered a true digital camera even though it started the digital camera revolution. It was a video camera that took video freeze-frames. FIRST CONSUMER-LEVEL DIGITAL CAMERAS THAT WORKED WITH A HOME COMPUTER VIA A SERIAL CABLE SOCIAL EXPLOSION QUICK TO UPLOAD Apple QuickTake 100 February 17, 1994 Kodak DC40 March 28, 1995 Casio QV-11 Late 1995 Sony's Cyber-Shot Digital Still Camera 1996 INSTANT FEEDBACK facebook WORTH 1,000 WORDS used instead of status updates 300 MILLION 70% OF ALL FACEBOOK ACTIVITY IS BASED ON PHOTOGRAPHS. photos uploaded to Facebook daily FACEBOOK HAS 10,000 TIMES MORE PHOTOS THAN THE INCREASE FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT by including a... photo album. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS INSTAGRAM'S PHOTO COLLECTION 180%* picture. video. 120% 100%* LIBRARY OF CONGRESS' PHOTO COLLECTION FACEBOOK'S PHOTO COLLECTION Average facebook engagement. *Average increase in engagement. 26 PHOTOS USERS are uploaded every second. Instagram 1 MILLION 27 MILLION users in early 2011 users in march 2012 TOP 5 FILTERS USED ON INSTAGRAM #LOVE 44.5% 11.1% 6.8% 4.2% TOP 5 #TAGS #INSTAGOOD #ME #TBT #CUTE NORMAL EARLY BIRD X-PRO II RISE IN APRIL 2012, FACEBOOK BOUGHT INSTAGRAM FOR $1.01 BILLION TWITTER vs INSTAGRAM 6.9 7.3 DAILY ACTIVE USERS MILLION MILLION 257 170 AVERAGE AMOUNT OF SPENT USING THE APP MINUTES MINUTES of all posts on tumblr. PHOTOS MAKE UP 42% WORLDWIDE MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY 741 have some AND ITS EMERGING ART FORMS MILLION MOBILE PHONES type of photo capability Experiencing the shift: "THE BEST CAMERA IS THE ONE THAT'S WITH YOU." MOST COMMON ACTIVITY TAKING PHOTOS 73% Chase Jarvis Take a photo 73% of digital camera owners TEXTING at least once 91% of smartphone owners 54% a month SENDING PHOTOS & VIDEOS TO OTHERS the vast majority of photo enhancing and photo editing is still done on a computer, not a mobile device. Take twice as many photos 77% of digital per month camera owners according to 6sight Most digital camera photographers What does Chris Brogan Smile for the... Phone 83% use a computer think about Textology and a program like Photoshop to edit their photos. Percentages of how often moms take pictures of their kids. "gives us that feeling we get when we read magazines. 67% "It makes the texty text of blogging a lot less stark." some smartphone photographers weekly or more 15% take and edit "It draws our eyes in." often their photos on their mobile phone. "It's fast to consume, and it brings an emotional response faster." every day APPING Ps IS TO AS ARE TO PHOTOSHOP PHOTO APPING CDS STREAMING MUSIC WHEN A PHOTO IS RUN THROUGH SEVERAL "PHOTO APPING" PHOTO APPS BEFORE IT IS PUBLISHED. THERE ARE MANY APPS TO CHOOSE FROM, HERE ARE A FEW tl AT&T 7:35 PM e 22%D Open snapseed Blender EDIT CROP / TONE WITH SNAPSEED APP ADD GRADIENT WITH BLENDER APP ORIGINAL PHOTO Photography isn't dead. LGVE LOVE MAKE IT YOURS. ADD CUSTOM TEXT WITH OVERGRAM APP FINAL APPED PHOTO READY TO SHARE SOURCES: Ouergram PRESENTED BY: (photo credit) http:/ IN THE APP STORE NOW / redux have been-taken-ever 6zgv http://blog. ever-taken-digital-and-analog in-shoebox /top-25-most w/2012/February/Pew-Internet-Mobile.aspx ancient historical-photographs DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING infographic Jupiter Saturn Uranus

Is Photography Dead? The Mobile Photo Explosion

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Before mobile photo apps, photography was in quite a decline. The mobile photo app has revolutionized photography as we know it.




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