Obama On Twitter

OBAMA On TWITTER powered by TwitSprout THE RESULTS #Askobama Twitter Town Hall unique questions 119K 26K 70 40K 20 #AskObama Tweets participants answers RANKING TWEETS RETWEETS measured as a percentage of the most Each tweet is ranked by retweets retweeted question in that category. including RTs, quotes, and questions with similar wording KLOUT >K and Klout. In true democratic fashion, we expected President Obama to respond to questions with the highest volume of retweets ... but this was not the case, as you'll discover below. a generally accepted measure of a user's influence within their network. OBAMA ANSWERS... QUESTION DISTRIBUTION JOBS 8% OTHERS EDUCATION- @dmscot 71 TAXES- - MARIJUANA 55,839 Followers BUDGET-/ 232 RTs JOBS "Why not discuss tech jobs?" Gensina 28 WAR ON DRUGS 12% ...OR MARS? 780 Folowers "Will you support a start-up visa program?" Plans for the space program won over the majority of Obama's attention.. LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA 4911 TWEETS enealhannon 46 977 Followors ANSWER LENGTH 116 RTs 2.5 "How will you support small business?" minutes ejohnboehner 143,430 Followers 69 20 seconds 508 RTS "Where are the jobs?" BUDGET =127 9% TWEETS Question from @BrianJMcKeon: .End war on drugs." Answer. The objective is to focus on prevention. e_RenegadeNerd 39 461Followers 14 RTS WHY SPACE? approve = disapprove bayGalupPoltica t ceiling?" 46% 46% Will you raise the ANTHRACIT O BrianJMcKeon 18 BIER 3 RTS OBAMA'S APPROVAL RATING IN FLORIDA The 2010 Obama approval averages show a tie in Florida, home to the NASA Space Program. Register early for your ticket into orbit! "Defense, Drugs, Subsidies & Campaign" e NickKristof 78 1,122.094 Followers 1/4 YEAR OF TOWN HALL 45 RTs "Was not raising debt ceiling a mistake?" With an answer rate of 19 questions in 60 minutes (3.3 minutes / question) it would take Obama nearly 3 months to answer every unique question tweeted by America! (without eating or sleeping) TAXES 5% OCTOBER JULY @craigoc34 19 Followers 10 92 06 48 RTs DAYS "Tax breaks for those hiring veterans?" O ModeledBehavior 61 2,959 Followers 31 RTS Graffin' it! "Will you raise taxes on middle class?" ealmorrison88 21 110 Followors ONE WEEK OF #ASKOBAMA TWEETS 10 RTS "What changes are necessary?" Obama opens Twitter Town Hall - #Askobama Tweets 100000 - Total Questions - Participants EDUCATION -50000 2% e ElizaCait 34 4 RTs "Don't cut education 2011-07-02 2011-07-04 2011-07-08 NA e pedsnursemarcia 10 108 Followers 8 RTs QUESTIONS BY THE HOUR "Is education privatization looming?" 10000 edwhite105 18 110 Followers O RTS "How to lower cost of higher education?" -5000 OTHERS 64% 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Hours EST @Ronargus 10 July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6 July 7 8 Followors 2 RTs "Where do we stand in space exploration? Klout Personas Ж роwered e flynnbw DONT GIVE UP THESHIP 357 Folowers 36 Klout Personas 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% PARTICIPANTS BY KLOUT PERSONA 14 RTS Number of questions answered by Obama based on the user's Klout personas. Specialist "Support troop by cutting oil dependence?" Observer G robinmarty 1,575 Followers Explorer 58 Networkes SHARING 60 RTS Socializer "How to help underwater homeowners?" Conversationant Dabbler G Shnaps 31 Peeder 236 Followers Thought Leader 13 RTS Broadcaster "Is free market an option?" Bunda Gawg9988 Actiist 24 242 Followers Syndicator 27 RTS Curator "Will you focus on alternative energy?" Taste Maker CASUAL CONSISTENT Celebrity e DrewHampshire 1,503 Followers 57 SPECIALISTS 14 RTs Celebrities asked questions too! @ collegepolitico tweeted 12 questions (the most of any celebrity), including: What's cooler than being cool? #AskObama ".mistakes made in handling recession?" cONTuVE THESMIP @ pmglynn 40 Followers 206 RTS "Plan to rectify bargaining rights?" IN OBAMA'S OWN WORDS... EE PRIVATE BUDGET R INVESTMENTS SOCIETY ADVANCED UNITED DONE S BUSINESSES MANUFACTURING TOGETHER SSTART WO REDUCE LOANS 8NOW RESEARCH TP TAX MAKING LOWER ALWAYS ZNEED THINK PEOPL DEFENSE WORK BIG WORKING IMPORTANT YEARS INVESTING L KNOW SYSTEM PROGRAMS WOCOUNȚRY CONGRESS EE YOUNG HỤC Brought to you by TwitSprout I TWITSPROUT.COM The One Page Social Dashboard. Join at 2011-07-03 2011-07-05 2011-07-06 2011-07-07 ONISOOH GOING AMERICANZ HELP.

Obama On Twitter

shared by rmmojado on Jan 23
The question is, “Obama tweeted live with the nation July 6th, but did he field the right questions?” It’s a demonstration of TwitSprout, a new Twitter account tracking tool. It’s an interesti...


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