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Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media

Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using S CIAL MEDIA THE TRADITIONAL 20TH CENTURY MARKETING FUNNEL HAS BEEN USURPED IN THE DIGITAL AGE. Today. 14% 77% of online shoppers consult ratings and reviews before making a of people trust ads. purchase. 80% CONSUMERS ARE TURNING TO SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS OF THE INTERNET TO GET THEIR INFORMATION AND of customers EXPECT businesses MAKE PURCHASING DECISIONS. IN FACT... to be active in social media. So What Does the New Funnel Look Like? AWARENESS ACHIEVED THROUGH: REPEAT VISIBILITY AND ENGAGEMENT WHAT TO DO CREATE COMPELLING SOCIAL CONTENT RUN TARGETED SOCIAL ADS Page Post Engogement ads Promoted Tweets +Post Ads O Rich Pins Calls to action Optimized visuals INTEREST ACHIEVED THROUGH: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT WHAT TO DO CREATE A SOCIAL EDITORIAL CALENDAR Give social users a reason to follow you by continually offeringvaluable content. Use. Facebook Insight Google Analytics Buffer TrueSocialMetrics BEYOND POST ENGAGEMENT, YOU NEED TO BUILD A COMMUNITY. determine what content to post and when to post. ENGAGE YOUR FOLLOWERS Foster trust by creating relationships with your social followers. Use... Commun. Hootsuite SproutSocial Engagor it CONVERSION ACHIEVED THROUGH: LANDING PAGES WHAT TO DO OFFER AN INCENTIVE ON A LANDING PAGE Long-form Content eBooks Webinars/Training Giveaways Consultations ..And Collect Email Leads. INSTALL A REMARKETING PIXEL ON YOUR WEBPAGE When you first create your landing page, install a remarketing pixel on your website. When a person visits your : website, the pixel will install a : cookie that ensures your ads Google The most common remarketing pixels are from Google & : Facebook. will be shown to them either Focebook or the Google : Display Network. "Even if the person doesn't convert by giving their email, they can continue to market to them until you DO convert. *This is vital to tracking your social performance. SALE ACHIEVED THROUGH: MULTIPLE STRATEGIES WHAT TO DO TARGET YOUR NEW LEADS. USE MULTIPLE VENUES TO CREATE INTEREST IN YOUR PRODUCTS: SALE Email Newsletters Product-Specific Offers Blog Content You're Irutad Google Product-Specific Webinar Invitations Remarket on Google and Facebook Until Your Lead Becomes a CUSTOMER! BUT WAIT! IN THE NEW SOCIAL FUNNEL, THE SALE ISN'T THE END OF THE LINE LOYALTY ACHIEVED THROUGH: REPEAT VISIBILITY AND ENGAGEMENT There are many benefits to having a loyal WHY LOYALTY? soial following, and not just for repeat business! WHAT TO DO FREE CONTINUE TO ENGAGE CONTINUE TO TWEAK & OFFER INCENTIVES YOUR CONTENT TO SEE TO YOUR FOLLOWERS. WHAT PERFORMS BEST. Having an established, engaging following will make it easier to gauge your social performance to attract new followers. GOOD QUALITY ADVOCACY ACHIEVED THROUGH: SOCIAL RECOMMENDATION WHY LOYALTY? People don't trust ads. They trust their peers. By creating your own social advocates, you are getting the most valuable marketing placement-all for free! How Does It Look In Getion? CONSUMER MARKETER facebook Google AWARENESS Checks out a Facebook company page based on an interesting promoted post related to their industry. Places a Google Ad for a white paper. INTEREST Follows page and regularly Likes and Shares content. Optimizes their white paper landing page with a remarketing pixel. CONVERSION E-MAIL Collects Email Addresses. Remarkets on Facebook to Signs up for a webinar and receive regular emails reminding them of the webinar date, time, and registration info. those who didn't convert. Sends Email newsletter to those who did convert. SALE Thank You Purchases product available at the end of the webinar. Sends "Thank You" email and incentive to follow on social media. LOYALTY Follows company on other social platforms to get more content, offers, and incentives. Engages customer on social media, ADVOCACY Peaple's Choice! Earns the trust of a new consumer Posts a positive review on Yelp and shares it on Facebook with their friends and family. network! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SOURCES IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: gryffin.

Nurturing the Sales Funnel Using Social Media

shared by gryffin on Jun 26
Considering advancing technology has such a strong pull towards continuing to use social media as a main source of advertising, it's time to set up your business. One of the best ways to nurture the s...




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