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The numbers behind Twitter

THE NUMBERS YBEHINDJwitter With an ocean of tweets, only a few can keep afloat. There are a lot of fish in the sea Every Second O Every Day = 135,000 Twitter Accounts Registered 1.5 %3D Tweets Tweeted 9,100 = 58 Million 24,000 = 2.1 Billion Searches Your Canoe These trending tools will keep you afloat. Twitter's all about grabbing a trending hashtag, showing up in its search results, and getting all the followers you can. POTENTIAL REACH = the number of followers of people who used the following hashtags. %3D #ManCrushMonday 5,523,423 DESCRIPTION: A picture, link, or line about your latest man crush. #tt / #transformationTuesday 10,178,533 (8,192,974 /1,985,559) DESCRIPTION: Transformation Tuesday. Show the old, and the new. #wbw / #waybackWednesday 2.928.048 DESCRIPTION: Retro, old vs. new, or progress related material. (1,468,651/ 1,459,397) 31,450,448 #tbt / #throwBackThursday (11,698,230 / 19,752,218) DESCRIPTION: On Thursdays, people post photos and memories from yesteryear. 23,459,531 (8,104,433/ 15,355,098) #ff / #followFriday DESCRIPTION: On Fridays you can suggest someone to follow. #saturdaynight / 5,591,130 #saturdaymorning / #saturdays 2.368 518/1.136,756/ DESCRIPTION: Anything Saturday. 2,086,156) #selfieSunday DESCRIPTION: You know what a selfie is. 3,466,318 Use it to sell yourself, or your brand. Day-based hashtags can expand your reach to 100's of millions of twitter users. Retrieved on Thursday September 12, 2013. The Big Fish Getting a response from the big fish is a big deal. It makes your Twitter account immediately visible to millions. (Name, # of followers, # of tweets) @justinbieber, 44.4 Million, 23,400 @katyperry, 42.6 Million, 4,900 @ladygaga, 40 Million, 3,100 @BarackObama, 36.4 Million, 9,900 @taylorswift 13, 33.8 Million, 1,900 You Tube @YouTube, 33.3 Million, 8,500 @britneyspears, 31.7 Million, 2,500 @rihanna, 31.5 Million, 8,300 @Instgram, 26.3 Million, 4,200 @jtimberlake, 25.5 Million, 1,700 @twitter, 23.6 Million, 1,600 @JLo, 23.4 Million, 2,400 @shakira, 22 Million, 2,000 ellen@TheEIlenShow, 22 Million, 7,700 the ellen degeneres show @Cristiano, 21 Million, 1,500 @0prah, 21 Million, 7,600 @Pink, 19.5 million, 4,900 RG @KimKardashian, 18.5 Million, 16,000 @ddlovato, 18 Million, 9,800 @0fficialAdele, 17.6 Million, 180 Stories at Sea Here are some of the most popular tweets of all time. MOST RETWEETED 2013: @earth_pOrn Retweet if you want to be part of our social experiment! 3,300 Favs / 88K Retweets @Ben Savage I'm going to be a father! Well, on TV at least. The "Boy Meets World" sequel is finally happening! 26k Favs / 68k Retweets @justinbieber every girl out there should respect themselves. #real 5,200 Favs / 62k Retweets @Louis_Tomlinson Uh oh. @tomthewanted The Wanted's Tom Parker: My failed X Factor audition shattered me 1,100 Favs / 60k Retweets @Instgram Right now you have 3 fingers behind your phone, your pinky tucked under for support, and you're scrolling with your thumb. 8,100 Favs / 56k Retweets @DropBox A guide on how to get more free space with Dropbox! Retweet for a chance to get +100GB! 683 Favs / 56k Retweets @ArianaGrande Retweet for a follow & I'll follow as many as I can today. If I don't get to you now l'm sure I will eventually, I'm always doing these. :) 113 Favs / 53k Retweets @Drake You never worry about the last laugh if you've been laughing the whole time. 417 Favs / 53k Retweets @GoogleEarthPics Retweet if you want to be part of our social experiment! 2,200 Favs / 52k Retweets @Cristiano Thanks for everything, Boss. 1,100 Favs / 51k Retweets Sailor's Code Here are snapshots of some of the largest hashtags for social change in ONE DAY .. . #Love POTENTIAL REACH: #Syria 360 Million POTENTIAL REACH: 240 Million #Assange #OccupyGezi POTENTIAL REACH: POTENTIAL REACH: 3.3 Million 2.67 Million #Trayvon POTENTIAL REACH: 0.65 Million O Good Ways to Drown DON'T SELL AT THE WEDDING. LOOK FOR APPROPRIATE TIMES TO MARKET. EXAMPLES: @KennethColePrd: Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at – KC. @KennethCole: "Boots on the ground" or not, let's not forget about sandals, pumps and loafers. #Footwear WINKING IN THE DARK Don't create hashtags that no one else wants to use. You want users to use hashtags that are attached to your cause or brand. But to do this, they need to be “useful" tags. FITTTIT, CITII: JOINING THE WRONG CONVERSATION. Be careful what hashtag you use. Check to see what it's associated with, or you could end up with a cringe-worthy message. Happy Fishing! Researched by Merrill Cook RETWEETS NOS SAT POTENTIAL REACH: 000'88 WED TUE| |MON RETWEETS RETWEETS 62,000 000'09 00089 RETWEETS RETWEETS RETWEETS POTENTIAL REACH: 56,000 56,000 RETWEETS RETWEETS RETWEETS RETWEETS 51,000 52,000 53,000 53,000 TENTIAL REACH-

The numbers behind Twitter

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There are now 218 million monthly active users on Twitter's popular service, with nearly 80% of these users located internationally. The social media giant is growing by the day, while more and more i...


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