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No Boundaries: Today's Digital Teen is Loyal Only to Content - Not its Delivery or Schedule

No Boundaries: Today's Digital Teen is Loyal Only to Content - Not its Delivery or Schedule Teen Entertainment Preferences: The findings of an independent study of 1,000 U.S. teenagers ages 13-18 New channels are creating a significant number of viewing options for teens. Teens turn to television as their 90% primary source TV Here's where they're mostly watching TV and movies: 59% Netflix of entertainment information, 79% 53% YouTube Social Media 75% Friends/family but social media is 34% Cable/Satellite 68% Radio hot on its heels: 26% OnDemand 54% Magazines 22% Redbox 53% Newspapers/news sites/blogs 21% Hulu 41% Consumer review sites And here's what they're watching: 33% Reality TV 24% Sports 66% Movies Teens are also 55% Cartoons spending an exorbitant amount 37% Drama 22% Sitcoms of time texting: Technological innovations are making 75% computers and devices an alternative to watching movies at home on TV of teens each send on average 60. Where they prefer to watch movies: text messages 79% At Home on their TV every day ENE 60% At a Theatre 48% On their Laptop 14% On their Tablet 14% On their Smartphone Currently 81% Running alongside media consumption, there is a layered and personal social ecosystem where teens are sharing their thoughts and feelings of teens use social media sites OComedy Central 5 Disney 44% Facebook Teens are engaging heavily with their favorite TV networks 6 ABC 2 Cartoon Network 3 MTV And here's 29% YouTube ESPN where they 13% Twitter 4 Nickelodeon/ HBO follow those on these sites. 3% Instagram networks: Nick at Night FOX The Top 10 1% Pinterest 10 AMC Here are the top 5 things brands need to do to reach today's digital teen 1 Be flexible and fast. Discuss, tweak and test - you must move quickly. 2 Be current and relevant: How are teens living with messaging around current trends? 3 Always Be Crowdsourcing - Let teens feel like they're part of something unique and collective. 4 Spark their interest - Use humor, cause marketing. 5 Create visual messages they can consume quickly (Tiny URLS, Vine, etc.). iProspect Digital Performance on a Global Scale.

No Boundaries: Today's Digital Teen is Loyal Only to Content - Not its Delivery or Schedule

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there are no boundaries for teenagers consuming information in today’s world. While 90 percent of teens said TV was a primary source of entertainment information, social media and radio came in at ...






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