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The Nitty GRITty of the Research Industry

GRIT The Nitty GRITTY of the Research Industry | 2012 1. What Clients Want? Cheaper, Faster, Better is not a wish, it's a requirement. Quality is simply table stakes. Relationship building is still the foundation for true value-add. The bottom line is that suppliers need to make clients look good, deliver impact and ROI, and do it fast and inexpensively. Appropriate respondents Representativeness Budget Relationship Access to Panelists Valid insights Geographical coverage Quality Price Speed Functionality Appropriate methods Feasibility Reliability Complex processes analysis Reach target market Actionable results Meeting objectives ROI Combine data collection types Survey our own customers Geo-targeting Researchers' expertise Proven techniques Proper demographics Access specialized audience Innovative approach Ease of use Respondent engagement 2. What's Shaking As in all things social media, there is earned buzz and pushed buzz. Social Media Analytics & MROCS have earned their share of the conversation by delivering value. NeuroMarketing, Facial analysis, & Gamification are being pushed, but actual usage lags far behind their share of the (MR Buzz) conversation. Buzz (number of mentions, log scale) Reality (ever used, %) 34 23 18 17 |13 12 8 6. 6. 3. Emerging Technologies There is a thirst for innovation to drive real value and impact across the board. 2012 should see impressive growth for almost all emerging techniques. The year will be dominated by Social and Mobile approaches, including social media and text analytics, MROCS, and mobile research. Clients agree, but for them it's the "why", not the "how": it's all about delivering impact no matter what the technology is. (suppliers response) Projected use in 2011 (Data collected Fall 2010, %) Projected use in 2012 (Data collected Fall 2011, %) 64 63 TEXT 59 text SS 46 46 45 43 Online Commu- nities Mobile Surveys Social Media Analytics Mobile Qualitative Webcam Based Interviews Text Analytics Mobile Ethnography 4. Innovative companies Innovation is a powerful brand attribute. Companies that master engagement channels to spread their message of innovation and can back it up with results gain the greatest mindshare in the market research community. To be top of mind, firms have to do the work to get their message out there consistently. Size doesn't matter; creating influence does. 2010 (Number of mentions) brainjuicer 2011 (Number of mentions) 204 /C Dpsos 110 GfK 88 synovate 84 77 64 59 Synovate GfK Nielsen Kantar Vision Critical Ipsos BrainJuicer 5. Industry Threats VS. Opportunities Technology is a double edged sword: while creating efficiencies, costs savings, and giving access to robust tools to anyone, it can also lead to commoditization, disintermediation, and a decline in perceived value of human expertise. Researchers have to focus on being smart, delivering insights that drive business growth, and making new tech work for them. OPPORTUNITIES Mobile research applications Innovative/new methodologies Social media research Mobile research applications Internet online application methods Internet online applicațion methods Innovative/new methodologies Social media research Measures real responses Measures real responses SUPPLIER SIDE RESEARCHERS Neuro- CLIENT SIDE RESEARCHERS marketing Other Other changes changes Lack of budget Lack of budget Social Media Mining Social Media Mining Online techniques ręplacing humans Online techniques replacing humans DIY DIY surveys surveys THREATS Mobile isn't a method, it is the new environment. Any methods that help brands get into the hearts and minds of consumers in real world contexts What's coming? have an edge. Predictive analytics based on all available data is the new Holy Grail. Researchers that can deliver understanding & foresight are going to be in demand, those that deliver only data will be marginalized. Data becomes a commodity; business value is driven by what is done with it, not by the collection of it. Data Collection is now the purview of technologists, not researchers. 6. Digital insights Gamification Electronio devices Social media Innovation Online virtual research eperimentation Shatogy Mabilo applications Mobile Innovative online tools Virtual environments Online interviews Webcam research Online Communities Social Media Analytics 28 Gamification methods Biometric Response Mobile Surveys) Facial analysis nielsen Mobile Qualitative Text Analytics 20 * KANTAR NeuroMarketing Webcam-Based Interviews Eye Tracking E Mobile Ethnography Virtual Environments Prediction Markets (( Crowdsourcing

The Nitty GRITty of the Research Industry

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For the latest edition of the GRIT Report we decided to forgo the usual text based executive summary and experiment with a more visual approach. Working with our friends at AYTM we developed an infogr...


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