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A New Year, a New Week: Leveraging New Cycles to Engage with Audiences

•HEALTH & FITNESS• Create Momentum by Leveraging Fresh-start Moments di HEALTHY NEU II A New Year is the beginning of a new cycle, which motivates many people to start fresh and set goals. Among the top New Year's resolutions is to lose weight and get fit. However, the New Year momentum that energizes people to resolve to lose weight and get fit fades quickly. Monthly Social Activity % Social Actions # Clickbacks Per Share 112 Jan. 30% Mar. 19% 91 Feb. 79 18% Fitness enthusiasts are nearly 1.4x more likely to share in the 1st quarter. April 19% June May 14% 15% 72 60 60 Average Daily Social Activity 24% Monday 19% 18% Wednesday Tuesday 12% 12% 8% Thursday Friday 7% Sunday Saturday People approach the beginning of a new week with a furor of energy and motivation, only to fall of the wagon as the week progresses. Weight Loss Drives 1 in 4 Social Actions weight loss healthy diet diet plans paleo diet healthy living healthy food diet fitness Exercises healthy eating Fitness Enthusiasts Are More Social 65% Percentage of Sharers: 55% Fitness Enthusiasts Fitness Enthusiasts are 7.9x more likely to share. Fitness Enthusiasts 15% 7% Network Average Network Average Click-backs per share: Fitness Enthusiasts are 4.3x more likely to be listened to. 3 Million+ Total Social Actions 30% 70% Age - Fitness Enthusiasts Male Fitness Enthusiasts Female Fitness Enthusiasts 18-25 4% 26-35 17% 36-45 21% 46-55 24% 55+ 33% 39% Network 61% Network Average Average Fitness Enthusiasts: 71% 14% 8% 5% [f Su Social Channels: Network Average: 68% 8% 8% 2% Fitness Enthusiasts Network Average 50% 46% 3% 47% 43% 10% Mobile Desktop Tablet Desktop Mobile Tablet So What Does This Mean for Publishers? 2. Leverage their Clout: 1. Fitness Sharing is Cyclical, So Plan Accordingly: They're highly social and Influential. Provide them with substantial content and they'll likely promote It to their networks. Fitness Enthusiasts are less likely to engage with content on the weekends, so target them in the beginning of the week when their motivation to tackle goals, and share content, is at its peak. 3. Utilize Buzzwords in Headlines And Articles, But Keep Readers' Goals in Mind, As Well: 4. To Inspire Sharing. Be sure to Cater to Women: Women are significantly more engaged with fitness content online and are more likely to distribute it. 1 They're especially drawn to "weight loss", but keep in mind that consumers are also trying to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. 5. Place Emphasis On The Most Influential Channels - Facebook, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon 6. Content Should Be Responsive: Sharing is almost evenly split between desktop and smartphone. They're the most popular outlets for sharing fitness content. < ShareThis COPYRIGHT © 2015 SHARETHIS INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Exercise health and fitness

A New Year, a New Week: Leveraging New Cycles to Engage with Audiences

shared by Missypoo586 on Feb 03
To lose weight and get fit are perennially among the top goals people set for themselves, and are among the top New Year’s resolutions.





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