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Nasty Gal: How Popular and Niche Social Networks Are Contributing To Its Success

NASTY GAL HOW POPULAR AND NCHE SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE CONTRBUTING TO ITS SUCCESS About NASTY GAL IS AN INTERNATIONAL FASHION FORWARD ONLINE RETAILER FOR Amoruso was an early e-tail pioneer in the social media arena, using word-of-mouth and social platforms exclusively to build her brand and engage with customers and fans. YOUNG WOMEN NASTY GAL IS THE BRAINCHILD OF SOPHIA AMORUSO, WHO STARTED THE COMPANY IN 2006 ON EBAY SELLING ONE OF A KIND VINTAGE CLOTHING SHE FOUND IN SECONDHAND STORES. Nasty Gal is one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in The United States, beating aut companies like Etsy and ASOS to become the largest retail startup in terms of volume. Nasty Gal has grown over each year since its inception 500% NG $50 million The company picked up almost in funding last year in two rounds (both from Index Ventures). Sales In 2009, Nasty Gal puled in $1.1 million in sales. A year later, revenue jumped to $8.5 milion, and then to $28 milion in 201. The site has since grown to over 550K daily visits, with 25% of those users LAST YEAR, NASTY GAL SOLD NEARLY $100 MILLION OF CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES PROFITABLY. visiting daily, and the top 10% visiting over 100 times a month. That's a 10,160% growth over 3 years. Because of this highly engaged user base, Nasty Gal is able to sell Nasty Gal has brought in more than 300,000 shoppers in over 50 countries so far with over 93% 6 MILLION VISITORS EACH MONTH AND COUNTING. of its inventory at FULL PRICE Over 35% of Nasty Gal's sales occur outside of the US. Social Media faubork bustaprum Iwittr Putarent over 700K fans over 800K followers over 100K followers over 53K followers Facebook Fans Growth by day by week by month +433 +6,358 +45,842 Distribution of Fans 55.1% 4.8% 4.4% 4.2% 2.1% OTHERS: 29.3% CONTINJOUS, By promoting the #NastyGal hashtag across Twitter and Instagram, Nasty Gal is capturing existing user content and leveraging it to promote the brand. FRESH CONTENT ACROSS ALL CHANNELS: NASTY GAL UPDATES THER SOCAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS ON A DALY BASIS, AND HAS DEVELOPED A ROUTINE, Nasty Gal has no marketing team, but fans comment on every Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest they post, and regularly post pictures of themselves in their Nasty Gal finds. OF TIGHTLY EDITING AND TESTING CONTENT. Nasty Gal has active acçounts on different shopping platforms where the clothes are posted by members and linked to Nasty Gal's online store such as: WANELO ELOCKERZ. POLYVORE How They Post NASTY GAL MAKES BETWEEN 2 AND 3 POSTS A DAY 100% OF THE POSTS BY NASTY GAL ON FACEBOOK HAVE IMAGES ALL OF THEIR POSTS ON FACEBOOK INCLUDE WITH A LINK TO THE STOREN THE DESCRIPTION TYPES OF POSTS New Stull Video Nasty Gal knows that their customers love to see new items and up to date styles, that's why the brand frequently posts what's new on their store. It creates excitement and curiosity to check their website again, and again. BRANDS HAVE TO BE AWARE OF THE NEW TECHNOLOGY AND TRENDS. WITH THE APRVAL OF VNE AND NSTAGRAM VDEOS, ITS A GOOD WAY TO GET OUT OF THE STATIC MAGES AND BRING SOMETHNG NEW TO YOUR FANS. NASTY GAL SHOWS TOURS OF PHOTO SHOOTS N THE WORKS, STAFF MUNCHNG ON NACHOS, MAKEUP Sneak Peek TRANSFORMATIONS AND MORE Sneak Peek posts are a good way to anticipate what is coming to the store. The fans will be curious to see the upcoming arrivals and will check out your page Back in Stock frequently. Nasty Gal does it right - often posting new accessories and dlothes that are not yet on the website. If you have a winning item that sold out very fast and is back in stock, you have to let your fans know. This item may go unnoticed if you do not spread it to your fans. Nasty Gal listens to their customers and gives them what they want accordingly. Nasty Gals do it letter WEN NASTY GAL SHARES MAGES OF BLOGGERS, CELEBATIES, FASHON I0ONS, OR EVEN NEXT DOOR GRLS WEARING THER CLOTHES ON A DAY TO DAY SITUATION, IT ATTRACTS A LOT OF ENGAGEMENT, THE FANS LKE TO SEE HOW THEY COULD BE THE ONES ON THE PICTURE WEARNG THAT SAVE OUTFT. THEY TEND TO MAKE MORE SPECFIC COMMENTS ABOUT THE CLOTH-ES, WHCH GVES A GOOD FEED BACK TO NASTY GAL VERY OFTEN THE FANS ASK FOR THE DRECT LNK TO BUY THAT PECE Lookbook Photos A lookbook is a visual representation of your brand. It's important that your business maintains a consistent brand personality. Nasty Gal does it right. Their images embody their brand's image with the lookbook photos they post on various social networks. For example, they have a small, but extremely fitting group of models they use to showcase their clothing. DIY & How-tos Nasty Gal doesn't post DIYS that aren't relative to their products. They've discovered that clothes and accessories customization, make up tricks, and hair tutorials are a good way to engage their fans. They help their customers use their products to their full advantage. Behind the Seenes WHEN A POST GOES VIRAL. YOUR BUSINESS HAS TO BE Nasty Gal shares exclusive photos that make their fans and followers feel like a part of their brand's world. Nasty Gal often posts lookbooks, photoshoots in production, raw (non-edited) photos, what employees are working on at their desks, and more.. Anything to give the fans and followers a glimpse into behind the closed doors. THERE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS THAT YOUR AUDIENCE MAY HAVE. NASTY GAL ALWAYS ANSWERS THE FANS PROMPTLY AND EFFECTIVELY, LETTING THEM KNOW WHEN A CERTAIN PRODUCT WILL BE IN STOCK. Sources by wishpond d-all&_r=18 Wishpond makes it easy to run contests and promotions on Facebook, Twitter and websites. Learn more at

Nasty Gal: How Popular and Niche Social Networks Are Contributing To Its Success

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Nasty Gal is an online fashion retailer. Since its inception in 2006 it has grown by over 500% every year. That’s quite an achievement. Much of their success can be attributed to their use of niche...




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