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Mother Knows Best

MOTHER KNOWS BEST How Media-Savvy Moms Respond to Marketing Today Today's moms are a little more hip than they once were. They're hooked on smartphones, constantly browsing the web, and using social media (whether we like it or not). We explore how they're spending their online time and what captures their in-demand attention. MOMS AND THE MEDIA PURCHASING POWER A longstanding adage in marketing touts that women control more than 80 percent of household spending. That statistic might not hold up, but data shows that women do believe they have more purchasing power, according to a survey by Boston Consulting Group. WHAT PERCENTAGE OF HOUSEHOLD SPENDING DO YOU CONTROL OR INFLUENCE? WOMEN MEN 73% 61% S THE ONLINE MOM MARKET Moms today are using the Internet to search for information and learn new things. HOW MOMS SPEND TIME ONLINE 23% 20% 19% ? 18% Search for an answer or solution Browse for fun or to learn about something Facebook, Twitter, or other social media Research and shop for items Play online games Watch videos, TV shows, or movies MOBILE MOMS A MOBILE-SAVVY MARKET According to a survey of more than 5,000 moms conducted by BabyCenter, moms are more likely to use smartphones compared to the average US mobile subscriber. MOMS WITH SMARTPHONES US MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS WITH SMARTPHONES 59% 31% 7 ON THE PHONE Compared to the general population, moms use their phones for somewhat different purposes. TOP SMARTPHONE FEATURES MOMS USE MORE (compared to general population) Moms General Population Q.9 Q.9 Q;0 72% 59% 72% 52% 69% 66% Game Social Weather 22% 53% 49%) (39%) 42% (33%) Music Shopping Health TOP SMARTPHONE FEATURES MOMS USE LESS (compared to general population) Moms General Population 19% 40%) (26% 46% (33%) 31 GPS/Map Productivity Finance 19% 16% 10% 25% (31) (33) Travel Sports Business INTERACTING WITH MOBILE ADS Though many people find mobile ads annoying, they don't have to be all bad. Moms identify several key features of mobile ads that appeal to them. MOST APPEALING FEATURES OF MOBILE ADS d CREDIT 1. Coupons 2. Deal nearby 3. Scan barcodes for more info 4. Ads for a useful app 5. Credits for apps or music HER FAVORITE ADS UTILITY OVER ALL When it comes to online ads, moms prefer getting deals and getting help doing something. ONLINE AD PREFERENCES 67% Ads with coupons or discounts 33% Ads that educate me about different products or services SALES - 30% DISCOUNT LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT 47% Ads that provide useful information/ help me do something 32% Ads with user reviews or stories 8 I LOVE THIS! – mom101 SAVE TIME WITH THIS ONE EASY TRICK! Jm 29% Ads that are related to the articles or information l'm reading 36% Ads with free trial offers 30-DAY a FREE TRIAL FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OUR WEBSITE FUNCTIONAL FORMATS Moms are busy people, but there are several features of online ads that can grab their attention. ATTEN BING AD CCORDING TO INTERNET-US MOMS 51% Ads that provide detailed information on how to use the product 19% Video ads HOW TO. CLICK TO WATCH THIS VIDEO 39% Visually appealing ads with lots of color and attractive pictures 17% Ads with social elements (share on Facebook) YOUR DREAM HOUSE LIKE US ON f AND WIN A VACATION 21% Interactive ads (polls, quizzes, games) CLICK THE DOTS TAKING ACTION Moms are particularly active after seeing online ads-many research products and print coupons after exposure SAVE More than half visited product websites as a result of seeing an online ad in the past year. More than half printed a coupon after seeing an online ad. Nearly half clicked on ads or did more Nearly 40 percent researched products further after seeing an online ad. research. TOP ONLINE SEARCHES AMONG MOMS 1. Food and Recipes 2. Health Information 3. Education 4. Travel MOM'S IDEAL SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Moms want more than just a good deal. They identify the following qualities of a satisfying buying experience. BEST PRICES EFFICIENCY PLEASANT EXPERIENCES •Got a bargain or found things that were on sale. •Were able to take time and browse all options. •Found exactly what they needed without spending •Felt they got the lowest or best price. •Weren't rushed or pushed by employees. a lot of time. •Found everything they needed in one place or store. SALE VS. BuySellAds. SOURCES:, Nielsen, BabyCenter, eMarketer, Wall Street Journal SALE alılılı STV30

Mother Knows Best

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Today's moms are a little more hip than they once were. They're hooked on smartphones, constantly browsing the web, and using social media (whether we like it or not). We explore how they're spending ...


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