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Mobile Social Consumer Trends

MOBILE SOCIAL CONSUMER TRENDS 2012 #MoSoCo Mobile platforms and tablets have become products of technological adaptation. In an age of convenience and immediacy, restaurant, food & hospitality brands are catching up by plugging in. Here, we take a look at which brands are utilizing the new landscape of mobile and social the best for consumer engagement. 18 24 Top Five Most Mobile Connected Restaurant, Food & Hospitality Brands Based on the super users for the restaurant business with a minimum of two mobile actions per month with a restaurant brand. To get the ful| list of Top 100 Most Mobile Restaurant, Food and Hospitality Brands, visit #1 # 2 # 3 # 4 #5 WHÖLE FOODS EXICA Red Bull MARKET i'm lovin' it Recent surge in activity from the @RedBullStratos event surged Red Bull past Starbucks as the most engaged food brand in social media. Top Mobile Platforms used for restaurant search on YELP, Google, Twitter and Facebook Based on 38.2 Million U.S. Restaurant Consumers. #1 48.2 #2 31.2 #3 21.9 # 4 17.3 #5 10.2 iPhone iPad : BlackBerry INDROID CIOECUD SMARTPHONE TABLET This data has cross-over from consumers using multiple devices across platforms. Top 10 Mobile social actions by restaurant consumers (Super Users) Based on 6.2 Million restaurant social consumers from the Restaurant Social Media Index. #1 Search for restaurant locations #6 Mention restaurant food quality Post on Facebook about a # 2 Search for restaurant reviews #7 restaurant Post a picture of food from a restaurant # 3 Search for restaurant menus #8 Tweet a picture of food from a restaurant Tweet about a restaurant #9 Refer a restaurant to followers on Twitter #5 Mention restaurant service quality #10 Missing from the list: O Check In to restaurant (Downward Trends in location based check-ins, but upward trend in overall location based actions.) O Refer a restaurant on Facebook O Like a restaurant on Facebook O Follow of restaurant on Twitter Post a video of a restaurant O Post an Instagram Photo from a location restaurant New Evolution of the Mobile Social Consumer #MoSoCo Due to the large emerging segment of over 79 million Millennials we have begun to identify several sub-segments that show similar interests, trends, and brand love along with similar social and digital actions around the restaurant industry. In addition there are some new segments in Boomers and the Gen X group that are showing up as high users of mobile, digital and social platforms. Consumer Sub Segments Super Gen X 1965-1982 Users that are showing 50% higher usage trends in social, mobile and digital activities Super Boomer 1946-1964 The new age Boomer that skews 68% male that are showing heavy use of mobile, social and digital activities with an average of 3.2 social network accounts each Must Have Millennial New group of Millennials that have 68% higher response 1982-1998 rates to instant gratification actions on social links, content and offers 32% of current Millennials that do not use a computer to access a restaurant social account and website but do so via a mobile device Mobile Millennial 1982-1998 Emerging group consists of 18% of Millennials that are married or in a significant-other relationship Married Millennial 1982-1998 Super User - Leading Age Demographics in mobile use and activity with restaurants #1 #2 #3 # 4 39% 18-34 FEMALE 32% 18-34 MALE 31% 35-49 MALE 29% 35-49 FEMALE Most mobile active users that are connected to more than 4,000 restaurant brands and more than 178,000 U.S. Restaurant locations. Mobile Social Consumer #MoSoCo Frequency in which the Top 10 Mobile Social Actions Occur by most mobile savvy restaurant consumers. Data based on more than 6.2 Million U.S. Consumers from the Restaurant Social Media Index. 6.2 /mo. | Search for restaurant 3.7 /mo. | Mention restaurant food quality #1 #6 locations 5.9 /mo. | Search for restaurant reviews 2.9 /mo. | Post on Facebook about #2 #7 a restaurant 5.4 /mo. | Search for restaurant 2.8 /mo. | Post a picture of food from a restaurant #3 #8 menus 2.1 /mo. | Tweet a picture of food from a restaurant # 4 4.1 /mo. | Tweet about a restaurant #9 3.9 /mo. | Mention restaurant service quality 1.8 /mo. | Refer a restaurant to followers on Twitter #5 #10 This represents over 2.8 Billion Mobile Actions per year Category leaders by most engaged mobile restaurant consumers This category segmentation shows the most engaged consumers in social and activity around these segments for dining out. #1 # 2 #3 # 4 QSR - Fast Food Brands Casual Dining Brands Fast Casual Brands Fine Dining Recent surge in activity from the @RedBullStratos event surged Red Bull past Starbucks as the most engaged food brand in social media. Growth in Mobile restaurant users based on YTD Q3 2012 Fastest growth in mobile use by restaurant consumers is a critical element to increasing frequency and trial. Listed below are the top brands by fastest growth of mobile consumers that engage with the brand on 16 social media platforms. #1 #2 #3 # 4 #5 TOHN'S Pizza Hut Spinkberry Applebees OFRMET EXICAN ANDWICHE #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 PIZZA SUBWAY PAPA JOHIE MCALISTERS SONIC DELI BUFFALO WILD WINGS S* GRILL & BAR This is alarming considering the Fast Casual brands have dominated every other social segment reports in 2012. Mobile and Social - Location Based Activity Average number of location based actions by U.S. Restaurant Consumers in the Restaurant Social Media Index as recorded by VenueTrak™ = 83.9 Million Data is based on overall Location Based Actions (LBA's) at more than 178,000 locations 39.3 LBA Average Location Based Actions per location Location Based Actions (LBA's) per year *Estimated for 2012 from Q1-Q3 2012 Fast Movers in Mobile Platforms Fastest growth of mobile U.S. Restaurant consumers over the first 3 quarters of 2012 based on activity of use from over 38 million U.S. Consumers #1 #2 # 3 # 4 #5 Pinterest You Tube twitter Instagram facebook. #6 yelp Note: We expect this list to shuffle by Q4 due to the iOS6 Yelp Integration Top Mobile Social Consumer Cities based on Mobile Super Users in the restaurant industry. #1 New York City # 2 Atlanta, GA # 3 Dallas, TX #4 Los Angeles #5 San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO Geo location is based on most digital actions taken by the mobile super user group of 6.2 Million from the base of the Restaurant Social Media Index RESTAURANT SOCIAL MEDIA Data set of 13.8 Million Social Consumers in the RSMI Restaurant Social Media Index by DigitalCoCo. INDEX Research and data provided by DigtialCoCo, LLC BY ND Get more restaurant specific social consumer data from the largest consumer index of food away from home at 38 million U.S. only from DigitalCoCo, LLC Disclaimer. All logos and brand representation used in this info graphic are the respective marks of each brand and protected under copyright law. You y @mydigitalcoco Tibe For more infographics visit 1119

Mobile Social Consumer Trends

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2012 Mobile Social Consumer Trends tracking over 40 million US consumers that use mobile devices to select and interact with restaurants and retail brands. Ranking the Top Five most mobile brands via...



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