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Mitt Romney Blows Away The Competition On Facebook

The Republican Race - on Some Insightful Results from Socialbakers facebook. CAN MITT, CAN BE CAUGHT! BELIEVE IN AMERICA Mitt Romney 1,347,996 FANS REPUBLICAN MA With Mitt Romney surging ahead in the polls, can anyone challenge him for the Republican nomination? Ron Paul 750,633 FANS Newt Gingrich 231,111 FANS Rick Santorum 79,412 FANS DEC 28 CONTRAC REPUBLICAN TX REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN GA PA 4 Key Measurements Where Romney leads... Where Romney trails... People Talking About* (Thousands) Total Fans Viral Reach* Total Posts and Comments for (Thousands) (Millions) Top 100 Most Active People* 1,348 108 96 65K 94 71 751 32K 231 22 21 19 11K 8K 79 ! Types of Posts by Candidates What is the distribution of post types and to what extent do people engage with each type? ROMNEY PAUL 445,355 TOTAL INTERACTIONS 508,994 TOTAL INTERACTIONS 119,720 16% STATUS 27% LINK 36% STATUS 52% LINK 18% PHOTO 14% VIDEO 20% PHOTO 14% VIDEO 69,316 62,768 GINGRICH SANTORUM 166,137 134,259 TOTAL INTERACTIONS TOTAL INTERACTIONS 2,135 8,365 16,126 3% 4% STATUS PHOTO 9% STATUS 21% PHOTO 35% VIDEO 58% LINK 58% LINK 12% VIDEO SC Most Engaging Post about the South Carolina Primary • Mitt Romney O 7,514 Likes Q 2,513 Comments > Ron Paul O 17,415 Likes 9 2,227 Comments On to South Carolina! Thanks to all of your for your support! My plan makes America the most attractive place in the world for entrepreneurs, for innovators and for job creators. It says if Boeing wants to build in South Carolina, it can build in South Carolina. Ron Paul Celebrates Historic Second BAN RON Place Win in New Hampshire Primary | PAUL Ron Paul 2012 Presidential. January 13th RESTORE AMRICA NOW "We urge Ron Paul's opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite.. January 10th > Newt Gingrich O 2,404 Likes > Rick Santorum O 2,590 Likes O 797 CONTRAC 370 Comments DEC 28 Comments This poll is the result from South Carolina registered voters. 'Share' these poll numbers with your friends. Poll: Gingrich Surging in South Carolina SANTOUM January 12th ANTIORUMea Team Santorum: THANKS IOWA!! Thanks to everyone in Iowa - we pulled off our Iowa Surprise! It's Game On! Help keep us going to New Hampshire, South Carolina and beyond. January 3rd A Word Clouds What are the most frequently used words by the candidates in their posts about the South Carolina Primary? ROMNEY PAUL little Iowa hope campaign Hll COunt place Get-out-the-Vote voters Tom Town • County additional E pls one major debate urge Hampshire Island Meeting New makes playedles politics based America showings og Clook onsider" fact build Santorum JUST spread bay making donate se right money challenge officiay wants endorsement President Matter done away plan s world every someone l-ouot sought- NLRB eing Obama's primary 1 raised eva Carolina Crowd SUre Help Packet opponents estalisimen SUpport Saturday alreadyThanks January much like provides next economy adopt Carolina Davis Take freedom time make GINGRICH SANTORUM please loday'sz" l« debate tonight Reagan ET details numbers natural Rock terles lowa January MLK events including Campaign candidate BET Hall ENRENENT South! Palmetto campaign E American Gingrich ichday event let working cable decisive asking ipol reminder News/Wall Visit January online GOP developing voters busy Luther watching Also Center highligts Conservative Voters GOP ESC debate Reputlican News celebration today moderate speak liame "ariers SUpport need Fight" Martin Come America energy Columbia endesement Greenville Faith Please percent E ey presidential TRAIL moeting Raly m ve MEDIA E Гт waiting... Measurements are taken as averages for given days and computed from Socialbakers' A Socialbakers social media analytics solution, Engagement Analytics Pro (data is sourced from Facebook's Open Graph API). All data is public data and published by Facebook users on open and public fan pages. Sυpa/tar Supastar avatars are property of Paul Chang Design, LLC - Infographic by Paul Chang Design - *INFOGRAPHIC DETAILS Data Range December 20, 2011 to January 18, 2012 The number of unique people who have created a story about your Page in the past seven days. A story is created when someone "likes" your Page; posts to your Page Wall; "likes", comments on or shares one of your Page posts; answers a question you posted; responds to your event; mentions your Page; tags your Page in a photo; checks in at your Place; or recommends your Place (Facebook metric). People Talking About Viral Reach Calculated as the total number of "likes" and comments multiplied by the average number of friends per Facebook user (Socialbakers metric). Most Active People People that are most frequently interacting (wall posts and comments) with candidate's Face- book page. SANTORUM South Santorum 72,189 GINGRICH today SOuth Myrtle PAUL 18,452 26,771 ROMNEY SOUTH SANTORUM Republican volumes RickCarolina Sver today GINGRICH 14th minutes endorsing nomination endorsements dirediy Money big bost conservative Town E enator INTERACTIONS 190,678 weekende Please annoumcement Charleston bel weekend Word York ROMNEY message reach Hilon increase 33CTIONS INTERAC 69,393 SANTORUM South Street video GINGRICH insightful Georgia jobs Science Newt jo State Carolina L discussedwant help egood E entrepreneurs innovators action Massachusetts { 80 ACTIONS 244 SANTORUM 40,136 GINGRICH 59,554 attractive Newt's message Like interview ROMNEY , friends

Mitt Romney Blows Away The Competition On Facebook

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Despite two average debate performances in South Carolina and news this week that he actually lost the Iowa caucus, Mitt Romney is surpassing the other Republican presidential hopefuls in every other ...


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