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A Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting on Facebook

A MARKETER'S GUIDE TO RETARGETING ON FACEBOOK RECAPTURE YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH MORE VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AS FACEBOOK EXCHANGE ADS COME TO THE NEWS FEED In June 2012, Facebook took a new approach to its advertising methods with the launch of Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads, its retargeting advertising platform, which allows real-time bidding across its ad inventory. These FBX ads have proven successful in their desirable right-side rail placements, delivering some excellent results by accounting for nearly 28% of all display impressions in the United States. Facebook's turned up the heat-yet again-in allowing FBX availability in the coveted News Feed section. Let's break down how the move from sidebar to News Feed has performed thus far. by: @MDGadvertising HOW FACEBOOK EXCHANGE WORKS FBX is able to gather customer intent data from peoples' interactions on websites outside of Facebook. Advertisers then re-target Facebook ads to potential customers who previously browsed their sites. Customer visits a third-party website, such as a shopping website Customer sees retargeting ads from the shopping website on their Facebook FBX AD BREAKDOWN: RIGHT SIDEBAR VS NEWS FEED REACH:1.15 BILLION MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS FBX AT A GLANCE TARGET: Customer Intent Data PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Direct Response 699 MILLION (61%) OF ACTIVE USERS ARE DAILY USERS NEWS FEED FBX LINK ADS RIGHT SIDEBAR (RHS) FBX ADS LAUNCHED: May 2013 LAUNCHED: June 2012 FACEBOOK LOCATION: News Feed FACEBOOK LOCATION: Right-hand side SOCIAL ELEMENTS: SOCIAL ELEMENTS: N/A Comments, likes, and shares BEST FOR: CONTENT MARKETING BEST FOR: AND PROMOTIONS TAKING DYNAMIC PRODUCT ADS ADVANTAGE OF ITS SOCIAL DRIVING DIRECT RESPONSE COMPONENTS GO VIRAL WHEN READERS CLICK THE ADS, FBX NEWS FEED ADS BECOME FREE ADVERTISING TO FRIENDS, FRIENDS OF FRIENDS, AND SO ON. IT'S IN THE NEWS FEED 65% of Facebook advertisers are running spots in the News Feed, so inventory is limited-leaving advertisers to choose whether to compete for the hot News Feed real estate or keep their content inside the right-side rail. Here we look at how FBX News Feed ads stack up to other retargeting efforts: RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) CLICK-THROUGH RATE (CTR) News Feed ads led to a 197% increase in ROI, The ad's format, location, and audience allow for more compared to the RHS. engaging retargeting ads. 21x HIGHER CTR OVER WEB RETARGETING: -197% -- 49x HIGHER CTR OVER FBX RHS: ROI COST PER CLICK (CPC) CLICK-ONLY COST PER ACTION (CPA) On a click-only attribution model, FBX News Feed ads perform very well, when compared to other retargeting inventory sources. Data shows that News Feed clicks are more affordable than those on the RHS. The high CTR contributes to a substantially lower CPC. CPC COMPARED TO WEB RETARGETING: CPA COMPARED TO WEB RETARGETING: 79% Cost Lowered 77% Cost Lowered CPC COMPARED TO FBX RHS: CPA COMPARED TO FBX RHS: Cost Lowered 54% 45% Cost Lowered FBX NEWS FEED ADS OFFERA NEW, UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVERTISERS TO RECAPTURE AND CONVERT LOST WEB CUSTOMERS. Beyond traditional retargeting, the social networking giant offers FBX ads with significant earned reach generated through the site's viral effect. These ads also derive their retargeting success from their combination of: PROMINENCE RETARGETING DIRECT LINKING BACK (IN THE NEWS FEED) PRECISION TO EXTERNAL WEBSITE SOURCES mdg ADROLL, INSIDEFACEBOOK.COM, ADWEEK, NANIGANS, SPRUCE MEDIA, VENTURE BEAT twitter: @MDGadvertising

A Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting on Facebook

shared by MDGadvertising on Aug 12
Recapture Your Customers Through More Valuable Real Estate as Facebook Exchange Ads Come to the News Feed When Facebook launched their unique Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads in June 2012, the company w...




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