ManU wins laurels in Brit Sports Digital Agency's New Soccer ...

freestyleinteractive PREMIER LEAGUE SO CI A L MEDIA @freestyleint STATS DECEMBER 2011 66 Total Tweets Total Followers Total 'Likes' (+16,414 from last month) |117,019 2,647,237 47,460,437 twitter facebook. Team Followers Team Likes Arsenal 1,051,063 Manchester Utd 20,635,545 2 Liverpool 576,077 Arsenal 8,128,446 Chelsea 493,382 3 Chelsea 7,854,059 4 Manchester City 160,823 4 Liverpool 7,577,018 Tottenham Hotspur 109,213 Manchester City 1,390,067 Newcastle Utd 36,742 Tottenham Hotspur 877,960 Aston Villa 30,650 Aston Villa 318,192 8 Everton 28,943 Newcastle Utd 209,379 Sunderland 27,243 Everton 191,889 10 Fulham 26,307 10 Fulham 54,361 11 Norwich City 20,663 11 Stoke City 38,568 12 Wolves 19,095 12 QPR 35,246 13 QPR 16,823 13 Sunderland 33,626 14 Stoke City 16,146 14 Blackburn 27,313 15 Bolton 11,792 15 Wolves 24,792 16 Blackburn 9,941 16 Swansea City 24,166 17 Wigan 7,075 17 Norwich City 13,839 18 West Brom 5,259 18 West Brom 11,080 19 Manchester Utd 19 Bolton 9,610 20 Swansea 20 Wigan 5,281 FASTEST GROWTH FASTEST GROWTH ON TWITTER ON FACEBOOK WEST BROMWICH 20% ALBION 10% M.C.F.C. +884 +127,611 Supe de tredie 66 MOST ACTIVE TWEETERS >K KLOUT SCORE Wolves 2,589 WEST BROMWICH ALBION W-1 2 Manchester City 2,070 18 West Brom 244 (63) (44) BIGGEST GROWTH BIGGEST DROP BEST OF THE MONTH - Manchester City Your Shout Tag your tweets resielay GanS Rieid The best piece of Social Media innovation from the Premiership this month came from the ever creative mancunians. City announced via Twitter that during the Norwich City home Kat uper Super Kevt par er Kovin Harlock! game fans could tweet the #BlueView hashtag and tweets would be displayed on screens around the Etihad Stadium (after quick moderation of course!). tjehn kearney John Kearnay Tent test blueview blueview YeaNieldy Chris Nield Teat 3 blueview This is the first time in european football that we've seen Social Media streamed into the stadium and it's a fantastic way of bridging the gap between online and offline fan engagement. DO PLAYERS NEED SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING? Footballers have taken to Twitter over the past few months, and for the most part their actions have been good. Many in the Social Media industry (and fans) have commented that by using Twitter, players can engage and give fans rare insight into their lives. However, in recent months footballers such as Darren Bent, Jack Wilshere and even the usually 'social-savvy' Rio Ferdinand have been caught committing Social Media sins. But should they take the full brunt of criticism? Surely clubs have an obligation to ensure that players are both educated and comfortable using social properly. In the same way clubs train players for dealing with the press, they need to keep up with the times and bring in social or legal professionals to advise players and draft Social Media policies. freestyleinteractive | Freestyle has a rich history as a sporting agency, having worked with Rebecca Adlington, Keri-Anne Payne & the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. Collated by Freestyle Interactive for the month of November. Copyright 2011.

ManU wins laurels in Brit Sports Digital Agency's New Soccer ...

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Being somewhat something of a ‘sporting digital agency’ (having worked with the likes of Rebecca Adlington, Keri-Anne Payne and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust) and being a fan of infographics, we’v...


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