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Managed Hosting in Social Media

Social Media and Managed Hosting Flash cloud bosting o 18DK In 24 hours 66,363 tweets were made about Managed Hosting laul thel storage first su s software 1 FN 97 night would great there Teall lease going harry d check Ta online niall eNe nt february cohnsting thanks radio cant party sata 2nd niCK pri think husiness Sunday don't husting computing january 2012 smiute every video Yadio sos CORAL Most Retweeted: GOL OMPLOI OMPLOI BTR oo Cabel M. Sasser @Cabel P.M CENSORED Anytime you see "cloud", just replace it with"clown". "It's ok, we've got it backed up in the clown." "Is clown storage right for me?" ATERA COMEDY ZONE VV AcQuia 13 Retweeted by Ole Zorn CAASI E CALOUTY CALE 50+ 50+ FAVORITES RETWEETS 9:35 PM - 12 Jan 12 via Tweetbot for iPhone Embed this Tweet + Reply t3 Retweet * Favorite CALOUTY ArchBeat Highest klout score of people discussing e managed hosting Alastair Irvine @enviro_al S@Cabel, every clown has a silver lining. #OffTopic 16 Jan 20%E VENDE SE VENDE 80% DISCO CL B2B Sreebles WEBHOSTIDe WORK WORK BRIDGE BRIDGE mwn BBJnaoseb Qumulos Azure BRICHTON & HOV FOOD AND DRINK STIVAL bk se Data provided by - Wordle cloud from - Klout logo is © Klout, Inc. Written by Gareth Llewellyn [ CNetworkString] Mc Graw eard) Bob's Blitz These are the avatars of some of the people who tweeted

Managed Hosting in Social Media

shared by rmmojado on Feb 01
Someone asked me if I could pull some info about the Managed Hosting sector using DataSift so after crafting the CSDL for the query I recorded 24 hours of tweets & Facebook posts and managed to gather...




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