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Lights, Camera, Action! How to Perfect Your Vine Strategy

Lights, Camera, Action! HOW TO PERFECT YOUR VINE STRATEGY A GLIMPSE INTO Vine's World of Videos .... ..... .... ...... JANUARY Vine was launched Each clip on Vine in January 2013. is limited to 6 seconds. An estimated 40 million users have downloaded Vine. The largest age group of Vine users is 18-20 years old. That's nearly 25% of the smartphone users in the United States. =2 million users Each day, users loop More than (aka play) Vine videos 100 million people -.. 1.5 billion times. view Vine videos each month. But keep in mind, Vine videos are set to repeat themselves automatically. 4 million users Every minute, Every second, 8,333 vines five Vines are shared are tweeted by users. by users. Branded Vines receive 400% more shares than branded videos. Videos will make up 55% .• Branded content accounts for BOHBB000-- 4% of of all Top 100 internet traffic Vines. by 2016. TIPS & STRATEGIES: How to Grow & Create a Brand on Vine ........... PLAN FIRST. Think about your audience. Think about the visuals you will use. • What do you want viewers to do after they watch your Vine? Why would they do it? Will you include people? Products? Illustrations? Think about the sounds Then illustrate six boxes. you will use. • Sketch or write what you • Do you want to include sound? • Will you include music? Or voices? plan to do for each second. Simplify. Film until you get it right. • If you don't get it right the first time, try again • You only have 6 seconds to get your message across. It's only 6 seconds. PROVIDE PURPOSE. SHOWCASE NEW CONTENT. • Market new material. • Create a video teaser for new article or eBook. • Can your Vine help solve a problem? • Decide the purpose COMING of your Vine before posting it. SOON STAY IN THE KNOW. CREATE A QUICK HOW-TO. • Demonstrate features of a product or service or a speedy instructional • Track trending topics and keep an eye out for opportunities. • Tie in Vines to events and holidays. • Relate your products to video. STEP current events. ONE: SHARE BREAKING NEWS. HOLD CONTESTS. • Share Vines about events • Ask followers to create their own videos in your brand, industry, or community. with Vine. • Set guidelines for what each video must incorporate. Use brand-relevant hashtag ad links to submit contest entries. SHOWCASE LOYAL FOLLOWERS. • Highlight your best fans. PROVIDE COUPONS OR FREEBIES. • Add in a promo code THANK YOUR CUSTOMERS. to your Vine. • Showcase a series of tweets or Facebook posts fans have sent you or posted about you. USE STOP MOTION. • Create animation with a stop motion clip. • Most smartphone cameras allow 30 frames START A SERIES. per second. • Keep viewers coming back. • Instead of posting singular stories, create a story through a series of videos SHOW A SNEAK PEEK over time with OF COMPANY CULTURE. common themes and hashtags. • Help users engage with your brand identity by capturing your staff, work culture, or moments of success. INCLUDE YOUR LOGO. • It broadens brand awareness. • Start a video with USE HASHTAGS. your logo in a strange or unique place, or have people wear 23 • Reach your target audience while maximizing your logo on a shirt. exposure. ADD A CAPTION. CROSS-PROMOTE ON TWITTER. • Include a link to • Widen your reach by sharing a link from Vine on Twitter. your website. END WITH A CTA. • Send fans to your site, blog, or social media profiles for more content. Enhance your social media presence beyond photos and words. CAPTURE AND SHARE YOUR BRAND IN MOTION WITH VINE'S 6-SECOND VIDEOS. BROUGHT TO YOU BY IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SUREPAYROLL A Paychex® Company GHERGICH&Co. ADWEEK.COM BLASTMEDIA.COM CONVERTWITHCONTENT.COM CONVINCEANDCONVERT.COM DEXMEDIA.COM DOMO.COM FORTUNE.COM GIGAOM.COM REELSEO.COM SEARCHENGINEJOURNAL.COM SPROUTCONTENT.COM TOPTENSOCIALMEDIA.COM ......................... .................. %24 llulololulh Ilullul,

Lights, Camera, Action! How to Perfect Your Vine Strategy

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When it comes to Vine, many brands are left with their hand in their pockets, unsure of what to post, or how to make an impact on the 6-second video site. However, with a clear strategy in place, your...


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