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Life of a Hashtag: #infographic

LIFEH CA HASHTAG Between February 11 and March 11. - the THE ACTIVITY INFLUENCERS OF #INFOGRAPHIC APPEARED 56,765 TIMES IN THE PAST MONTH The #infographic hashtag appeared 56,765 times between February 11 and March 11. This report is a snapshot in time, detailing the most influential Twitter users that mentioned this hashtag on'its first, peak, and last appearance in the past month. Their level of influence is determined by how many followers they have. THE BEGINNING {numb er mentionsfirst)) appearances February 11, 2012 @Coachforyou 34k- Followers: 109,255 1.7k- There were 876 mentions of #infographic on the day it first appeared. @Coachforyou was the most influential user on this day February 11 March 11 3,365 appearances on peak day. THE PEAK DAY 3365 appearances February 22, 2012 3.4 k - @guardian Followers: 336,003 1.7k- @ guardian was the most influential user to mențion #infographic on its peak day. February 11 March 11 TOP INFLUENCERS @WSJ @ BerriePelser WSJ Followers: 1,543,977 Tweeted: March 12 Followers: 135,651 Tweeted: March 12 These two users were engaged in the most outspoken discussion on the topic. THE LATEST TWEET 1136 appearances March 11, 2012 3.4k @2morrowknight Followers:295,074 1.7k- The most influential user to mention #infographic on the day of its last appearance in @2morronight. February 11 March 11 Sources: Twitter PeopleBrowsr

Life of a Hashtag: #infographic

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