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Leverage Yourself as an Expert by Using Social Media

Zintro LEVERACE YOURSELF AS AN EXPERTEY USING SOCIAL MEDIA Research the most well known people in your field or industry and they probably all have one thing in common: They voice their opinion on and off the Internet and have publicly displayed contact information on one or more social media platforms. Each business and industry is media site to use is important, different, which means the and connecting with your audience on a personal level audience and potential client base may better be suited for by giving valuable tools, one platform over another. resources or tips is Recognizing the right social paramount. FIND OUT WHICH PLATFORMS ARE RIGHT FOR TARGETING YOUR MAIN DEMOGRAPHIC BY USING THESE TIPS AND RESOURCES. f facebook Search Like · Dislike · Comment · 1 minute ago & 845+ MILLION USERS "A BEST FOR: Interacting on a more personal level with contacts SECRET WEAPON: Facebook Pages house all the information about your brand or your company in one place. 131 Company contact info Status Photos and videos News updates WHO PUSES IT: The largest segment of users on Facebook is aged 21-24 male 17.5% female 16.6% closely followed by 18-to-20-year-olds and 35-to-44-year-olds. (4) WHAT TO SHARE: Blog posts, videos, photos, questions and answers. (5) Trying to connect to too many people DRAWBACK: can dilute the genuine connections. In a survey of 1,500 Facebook users, 60% said they no 50% said they only longer knew 20% of speak with about 20% their "friends," and of them. 12) twitter 2012 Twitter stats show that 140 million active users tweet an average of 340 million tweets per day March 12, 2011, there were E 572,000 Twitter accounts created on that day alone. 6) On record for 2011, the total averaged approximately 2 140 Tweets sent per day, month million after month. (6) BEST FOR: Short, to-the-point updates; monitoring conversations about your brand and finding potential customers. TwittyTwitter user What's your biggest concern about IT security? 1 hour ago TwittyTwitter user CK Here's a great link about how to use Twitter to brand: 1 hour ago Jhon165Jhon Thomsom atwitteruser I agree, but would add to the list that conversations are key! 1 hour ago Customer service. Brands like SECRET WEAPON: JetBlue, Comcast, and H&R Block are starting to use the instant status updates to address %3D customer concerns on the spot in front of an audience. 7) More females WHO USES IT: use Twitter than males 54.6% 45.4%. 51 42.3% 41.5% are aged 18-29. (4) of users are aged 31-49. 4) WHAT TO SHARE: Links to content relevant to your audience, follow hashtags to find people who follow a related topic,18) and questions and conversations to interact one on one with followers. Linked in. More than 150 million users" (9] BEST FOR: Showing off your professional accomplishments and linking to others. Create a Group you can lead and create SECRET WEAPON: discussions about your industry. Also, show your expertise by answering common questions on an Answers (10) page. WHO USES IT: The audience skews 51% 49% just slightly more than female male under 18: 7% 18-24: 12% 25-34: 20% 35-44: 23% 45-54: 21% 55-64: 11% 65+: 5% WHAT TO SHARE: Relevant content with all followers or just other members of a group and answers OK to questions others ask. (10) Google+ News [16] 100 MILLION USERS+ (8) Google+ has grown in popularity recently, with growth spurts of daily new users hovering around:1) 625,000 per day BEST FOR: Starting conversations and adding specific people to it (by putting + before their names, you alert them of the conversation.) 12) SECRET WEAPON: g+ O Circles Circles. You can organize your contacts into groups and target your messages to each group separately. (131 WHO USES IT: Female: Male: 30.38% [141 69.62% [14] Engineers Web Students designers 14) TYPES OF USERS: ***** Marketing professionals Software developers Insight, blog posts, and questions WHAT TO SHARE: 66 and answers related to your industry. Zintro SOURCES: Brought to you by: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. TS: 4/17/2012

Leverage Yourself as an Expert by Using Social Media

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Leverage Yourself as an Expert by Using Social Media




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