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Justin Bieber vs. Barack Obama: Battle of the Online Brands

Hinge" Justin Bieber vs. Barack Obama ding ding Battle of the Online Brands MARCH 1 AUGUST 4 94 61 Date of Birth $112M $10.5M Net Worth Harvard Law Columbia University High School High School whatevah! easy son! Level of Education Worldwide Google Searches Average number of monthly Google searches for "Bieber" vs. "Obama" Canada 1,220,000 Bleber 368,000 obama Sweden 246,000 Bleber 49,500 obama United Kingdom 1,830,000 Blebër 450,000 obama Japan 60,500 Bleber 33,100 obama Germany 823,000 Bleber 301,000 obama United States 9,140,000 Bleber 7.400,000 obama Afghanistan 1,000 Bleber 880 obama Belize 3,600 Bleber 880 obama Кепуa 9,900 Bleber 22,200 obama Brazil 2,740,000 Bleber 368,000 obama Australia 673,000 Bleber| 165,000 obama Total number of Google results when searching "Bieber" vs. "Obama" "Bleber" 506,000,000 "Obama" 765,000,000 Social Media Reach A look at fans and followers Facebook 43,782,411 likes for Bleber 26.799,494 likes for Obama 702,111 talking about Bleber "We Are a Nation of Google and Facebook" 844,788 talkıng about Obama "IF I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go #REAL" E Twitter 22,605,887 Bleber followers 16,083,992 obama followers 15,906 Bieber tweets 4.112 obama tweets Most Vlewed on YouTube: You Tube Justin Bleber YouTube Baby (featuring Ludacris) music video 742,672,871 ews Barack obama 1.467,509 subscribers to “JustinBleberVEVO" C-SPAN: President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner 188,800,328 vews 199,741 subscribers to "" 2,530,877,313 video views for Bleber 188.800,328 video vlews for Obama Google Plus in LinkedIn Google Blog Results 410 14 groups related to Bieber 28,400,000 results for Bleber people have recommended Bieber 25,677 people have recommended Obama 197 groups related to Obama 109,000,000 results for Obama JUSTIN BIEBER Google Shopping Results Most expensive item with these results: Looking for gift ideas? 31,100 Someday by Justin Bieber Gift Set Obama Books: Results for the term "Justin Bleber" $$$$$$$$%$ Dreams from My Father The Audacity of Hope Of Theel Sing Change We Can Beleve In Barack Obama lIn His Own Words 155,000 149.99 Results for the Bieber Studio Albums: My World My World 2.0 term "Barack Obama" Barack Obama Wall Calendar 2012 $$$$$ Under the Mistletoe Coming out soon: Belleve 39.99 Compare the Hair: Then and Now low high black grey 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 HInge Branding and Marketing for Professional Services Firms Sources: Google, Googet, LUnkedin, Twittor, Facebook, YouTube I Al data currontas of 53V2012 I Designed by Hinge, Ikustrations by Drow Els

Justin Bieber vs. Barack Obama: Battle of the Online Brands

shared by blemen on Jun 27
Two titans of the digital domain battle for supremacy of their online brands. The leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, takes on his toughest challenge, a teen heartthrob named Bieber. If ...




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