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It's Alive! The Social Media Monster

IT'S ALIVE! THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONSTER MICROSOFT'S STUDY ON INTERRUPTIONS FOUND: AVERAGE OFOVER FOUR INTERRUPTIONS PER HOUR INTERRUPTIONS WERE CHARACTERIZED'A NUISANCE OVER FORTY PERCENT OF DISRUPTED TASKS WERE NOT IMMEDIATELY RESUMED On average, workers are interrupted once every 10.5 MINUTES 28/0ovey ime Of the day is spent on interruptions and recovery time 23 MINUTES Is the average time it takes a worker to get back to their assigned task Interruption to Task 0.1 RATIO 45%E Of workers believe they are expected to work on too many things at once Tasks done in PARALLEL take the average user 30% LONGER than tasks performed in a SEQUENCE INTERRUPTIONS WILL COST THE %24 AMERICAN ECONOMY ALMOST $650 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR f 1 BILLION + 62 BILLION 400 MILLION POSTS PER DAY E-mails sent every day TWEETS PER DAY The average user spends Reading e-mail consumes The average user spends 405 MINUTES 28 PERCENT 89 MINUTES on Facebook per month of the avg worker's time on Twitter per month 1 OF EVERY 5 112 E-MAILS 175,000 Page views is on facebook sent and recieved per day Tweets per second 700,000 MESSAGES It takes 5 days for the HEART 1 MILLION to recover its natural variable heart rate after NEW ACCOUNTS ADDED EVERY DAY SENT EVERY SECOND being cut off from e-mail SOURCES http://www.nyti from intormation ouncioad 27a5 http://www.hermanmillescom/hm/content/research summaries/pefs/wp Siren5ong.pdf http:/ http:/ NOW OFTEN DO YOU UNPLUG? tesking-puts-your-brain-on-information-overloed-infographic/ PRESENTED BY Download the DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING IOS App Now!

It's Alive! The Social Media Monster

shared by NowSourcing on Sep 13
Ever wonder if we're becoming TOO social? According to studies, interruptions are becoming increasingly more common in the workplace.





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