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"Like" It Or Not, Facebook's Privacy Policy Has Changed

"Like"It 66 FOr Or Not Facebook's Privacy Policy Has Changed Trust in Facebook Privacy's Importance Today Do You Trust Facebook? 36% Trust Completely LESS 33% IMPORTANT Don't Know 61% Somewhat Trust I Do Not Trust 36% Understand Privacy Settings Breach In Privacy EQUALLY IMPORTANT 68% 28% 50% of consumers EXPERIENCED 32% MORE IMPORTANT BREACH IN PRIVACY Privacy Controls Adult Users of Facebook 13 MILLION Did not know privacy controls existed 66% never set or knew about Facebook's privacy tools Have You Checked? Checking Privacy Adult Users of Facebook 15 NEVER 24 ARE NOT OL OF 70 AMERICANS 28 SHARE ALL %USERS OF % AMERICANS CHECKED PRIVACY SETTINGS CONFIDENT IN CHECKING SETTINGS POSTS WITH MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS What Are People Sharing on Facebook 39.3 Million Identified Family Members 20.4 Million 7.7 Million Shared Birth Date Liked A Page Regarding Religious Affiliation 1.6 Million Liked A Page 4.8 Million Pertaining to Racial or 4.6 Million Ethinic Affiliations Say Where They Are Going Discuss Love Life 900,000 Discuss Finances 2.3 Million 2.6 Million Discus Liked A Page Regarding Sexual Alcohol Use Orientation U.S. Users Who Are Concerned with The Privacy of Their Personal Information Not At All Very Concerned Concerned 24% 27% 20% 29% Somewhat Slightly Concerned Concerned Social Recruitment Hired Through Social Media Linkedin vs. Facebook OF %% RECRUITERS in 91SCREEN 7 out of 10 63% 65% Potential Employees Using Social Media Employers Have Hired Through Social Media Employers Look to Linkedin & Facebook Growth of Social Networks Used in Recruitment 6 아 45% 47% 54% 55% 55% 66% 87% 93% 78% 2010 2011 2012 2010 2011 2012 2010 2011 2012 Employers are Most Concerned About: 78% 66% 61% 54% 47% Sexual Pictures of Drugs Profanity Grammar Posts/Tweet Drinking Employers Reject Employees Based Upon What They've Seen 49% 49% 22% Demonstrate Poor of Previous Employer Communication Skills Communication Skills 33% 28% Inappropriate Content of Negative Comments Demonstrate Poor Photos & Comments Drinking & Drugs What Employers Look for and Hired Candidates for: Candidate Presents Themselves Professionally Positive Impression of Personality Profile Supports Professional Qualifications Profile Showed Candidate was Creative Profile Showed Candidate was Well-Rounded Good References Posted By Others Profile Showed Solid Communication Skills Profile Showed Off Rewards & Accolades Never Hired Based On Social Networking Site 50 FEB '04 2004 Sanctions from Harvard University PRIVACY for hacking into school MISTEPS directories and posting students' photos without their consent for 2005 his site before Facebook. NOV '07 SEPT '06 Advertising Platform Beacon Released News Feed Called "Stalkerbook" 2006 which automatically updating By aggregating friends' status updates, and opening Its doors for anyone to join Facebook, users' profiles with their purchases and providing advertisers information. This college users fear their breach of privacy led to many lawsults and closed down the Information is less secure, and 2007 eerily creepy that peole can see platform. Though It's been used their friends constant updates. for future applications. FEB '09 "Like" Button Released AUG '09 Rebuilds Privacy Policies 2008 And updated their Terms of after Canadian government claimed the site does not Service that led to outcry that Facebook was clalming protect users from others ownership of all content users" 2009 posting about them. posted. MAY '10 AUG '10 Glitches in Social Network Facebook Introduces Places 2010 cause further outcry allowing officially revealing exactly where others to see friends private users are located. Potentlally Information, chat conversations, as well as identities in some violating Privacy in many cases. cases. 2011 FEB '13 DEC '12 Graph Search Is Unfolded Instagram Releases TOS Changes and released to a select group 2012 of the public. This utilizes all of your Facebook likes, shared data from apps you use, Instagram, owned by Facebook, unveils a new Terms of Service agreement that lets Facebook Facebook Check-ins, "About" or Instagram use your photos in Sections, and tagged photos to make your information and all data indexable to all of its users. advertisements without your 2013 knowledge Everything -I mean, everything -- you've shared with friends on Facebook will be contributed to the index. Would You Quit Facebook Over Privacy Concerns 12% Said No 30% 12% Don't Think It's Likely Have Stopped 16% Possibly Would Likely Would 30% WebpageFX Sources: The Next Web • Facebook • Simon Fraser University • NCSA • NY Times DON'T UNDERSTAND

"Like" It Or Not, Facebook's Privacy Policy Has Changed

shared by ShaneJones on Apr 19
With Facebook's New Graph Search just being released, this infographic investigates the risks associated with sharing information on the popular social network, and public opinion on those risks!




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