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Introducing Vine

INTRODUCING #Vine How to use the newest mobile video trend to your brand's advantage. WHAT IS VINE? Vine is a new mobile app that lets you create and share short looping videos. Think Instagram but with video. Both companies share similar values and goals and believe Vine Verizon LTE 9:18 AM Vine CONSTRAINT VEcitor's Pick WAS AQUIRED BY TWITTER inspires & RELEASED IN CREATIVITY JANUARY 2013. Much like Twitter's 140 character tweet limit. Vine has a six-second long video limit. Charlie Love 3d #vinecation #loop SAN FRANCISCO CITY HALL THE NEXT BIG THING MOBILE VIDEO WILL REPRESENT 66% OF GLOBAL MOBILE DATA TRAFFIC BY 2017, UP FROM 51% IN 2012. 87% of marketers in the United States use video for content marketing. other blog posts 66% video articles galleries 87% 44% 44% 22% HOW SHOULD MY BRAND USE VINE? Engage Your Followers in Conversation Educate and Amaze Feature Your Brand Supporters Bring People Inside Your Store Promote Your Work for a Client Tell Your Brand's Story Present Up Relevant Historical Trivia Advertise a Contest Excite People about a New Product Flaunt Your Products Take People Inside Your Office Amuse Your Audience BRANDS ALREADY VINING LY GAP BRO BuzzFeeD NBC NEW THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES YORK The Gap NBC The Humane Society BuzzFeed Brooklyn Nets Product Backstage Office Warm Up Adoption Нуре Hype Pass Dancing Preview iPad 11:25 AM TRACK YOUR ANALYTICS Simply Measured offers a free vine tweet analysis to track the popularity of your Vine account. It is free for Twitter accounts with up to 10,000 followers. Your Vines By The Numbers 1/18/13 79 89 369,177 >> Vines Tweeted 19 Total Engagement Potential Reach Con bined Folowers of People interactine we Your Tageted Vines Unique People by @chrisbrogan Peopie that interacted ReTweets and teples to with your Vines Your Vines 2.4 Vines Per Day 2.0% of All Tweets Are Vines .. Verizon LTE 2:43 PM Explore Search people or tags How Do Your Vines Compare to Other Media? Editor's Picks Popular Now Engagement Per Tweet aPtendal impressions Per Tweet 231N #favthings #vineportraits #sports Vine Instagram/Path YouTube/Vimeo Other Photos 19 19 Posts Posts Posts Post #remake #pets #nature Who Loves Your Vines? #loop NEED MORE IDEAS? Get ideas by selecting the Explore tab from Vine's main menu. Vine has #food #cute several categories, including Editor's Picks and Popular Now. VINE TIPS & TRICKS ONLY HAVE ONE SHORT CONCEPT TELLING A GOOD POINT TO GET EQUALS HIGH STORY IS KEY ACROSS CONSUMPTION Always have a good storyline that is easy for the viewer to follow. Try to plan out your scenes within your vine. You can start and stop your video by touching your screen. You can also play with stop motion by adding or moving an object within your scene. JUMP ON TRENDS HAVE FUN! IN SECONDS One of the best parts about Vine is that you can jump on trends in seconds instead of taking days to produce a feature. DRIVE TRAFFIC TO SOCIAL MEDIA RECORD WITH GOOD LIGHTING Share your new Vine video on Twitter and Facebook so that all of your followers will see and share. Tags can be used to help promote your vine. Keep your followers' attention by advertising coupons or BE CREATIVE CONSIDER A TRIPOD sweepstakes. FOR STOP MOTION Sources,2817,2415408,00.asp CareWorks Tech плE

Introducing Vine

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How to use the newest mobile video trend to your brand's advantage. Vine is a new mobile app that lets you create and share short looping videos.


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