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Infographics: Facebook VS Twitter IPO’s

•.. $1 TWITTER IPO CONVERSATION ACROSS THE SOCIAL WEB The Twitter IPO drove impressive volume on nodal media the day the nodal network's stock launched. On November 7th, in the process of transforming from a private company into a public one, there were almost 183K mentions of the IPO across the social web. It was a highly polarized discussion, nearly even in its breakdown of positive and negative sentiment toward the public offering. Those doing the talking tended to be male, in the top 5 percentile level of university education, and were more likely to have made over $100K per year BATTLE OF THE IPOS VS TWITTER FACEBOOK Twitters IPO TWITTER IPO FACEBOOK ІPO garnered shockingly MENTIONS MENTIONS NOVEMBER, 7, 2013 MAY, 18, 2012 182,263 similar levels of 183,853 social activity to that of rival Facebook. 94% TWITTER 89% <1% FACEBООK 1* 2.11 2% 3% 2.12 BLOGS POST PER SECOND POST PER SECOND <1% <1% COMMENTS <1% 126.6 127.2 FORUMS 1% POST PER MINUTE POST PER MINUTE 3% NEWS 5% SOCIAL MEDIA SENTIMENT: IPO LOVERS AND HATERS The Twitter IPO data showed a polarized conversation with a near even split among those who favored the IPO and those against it 49% 51% POSITIVE NEGATIVE 49% POSITIVE 22% 18% 7% EXCITED ABOUT IPO/ COMPARISON CONGRATS TO TWITTER PRICING NEWS TO FACEBOOK These posts congratulated Twitter, or one of the founders of Twitter, on their initial public offering. User in this category shared Twitter stock price news and were most engaging during the announcement of the initial price and when the price soared above $50 per share. These users commented on how Twitter's IPO had measured up to Facebook's IPO and how it avoided some of Facebook's initial problems. " Congrats, Twitter peeps. Stroke for you!! " What dream listing for #TwitterlPO ! #TWTR. Did wonderfully well to avoid the FB like fiassco. Well done!" #twitterlPO" " Twitter sets IPO price at $126 per share" @WIlloLovesYou,Twitter @SuflyanSarguroh, Twitter @HuffingtonPost,Twitter 2% < 7% < 7% SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT $TWTR SUGGESTIONS I BOUGHT $TWTR TO INVEST These users exclaimed that These users felt as if they could have turned a profit by buying stock and missed out on an opportunity. These people commented on how Twitter was a good they had bought Twitter stock and posted what price they paid as well as how many shares they bought. investment and that Twitter would be successful in the long run. "Just bought a tiny amount of stock in @Twitter (TWTR). Work hard, @ev,@jack,@origful & @cltom! I'm mad jealous of your options." " Should have bought some @twitter shares hey? Damn #ipo #twitteripo #twitter who bought any?" " How many of you are gonna invest in this #TwitterlPO? I don't play the stock market, but I believe in this platform." @OmarSeaShepherd, Twitter @Rand_Getlin, Twitter @museumnerd, Twitter 51% NEGATIVE 24% 24% 3% $TWTR IS WORRIED ABOUT IPO/ SUGGESTIONS NOT TO INVEST OVERVALUED WARNING TO USERS These users suggested to either wait on the sotck to This conversation consited This conversation consisted of people who believed the price of Twitter's stock was too high and that they believed that Twitter was of people who warned their followers that problems existed with Twitter and that see if it was a good idea to buy later on or to not buy the stock at all. it may not be worth the not worth that much money investment. at that point in time. "RT @WSJ. @fmanjoo: Three reasons why now isn't a good time to invest in "RRT @PhMai Maybe Twitter's is not for everyone? "RT @carlquintanilla "Right here, today, it's too expensive." - @jonsteinberg, on $TWTR. @CNBC Twitter. IPO Doesn't Mentiion 651 Million Users Who Abandoned Twitter http://t.cornKCNyDncB" http://t.couUQ4CRXwjA #TwitterlPO" #twitterlPO" @AusNewsTweeter, Twitter @Jessehlrsh, Twitter @mlchaelhayes, Twitter DOING THE TALKING? 74% 26% MEN WOMEN MEN WOMEN AGE INCOME 23% Under $50k 49% $50k – $100k 48% Over $100k <1* Under 18 8* 18 to 25 33% 26 to 35 30% 36 to 45 The consumer audience that tweeted about the Twitter IPO 17% 46 to 55 were 1.2X more likely to have an income over $100k. 12% Over 55 14.7x 44.4x 4.1x MORE LIKELY TO BE A THE AVERAGE NUMBER OF MORE LIKELY TO GO TO HEAVY SOCIAL ΑΤΟP 5 USER OF SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTIONS PERCENTILE UNIVERSITY Vicommerce POWERED BY SOURCE: S.OHM

Infographics: Facebook VS Twitter IPO’s

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0 comments The Twitter IPO drove impressive volume on nodal media the day the nodal network’s launched. On November 7, in the process of transforming from priva...


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