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[Infographic] How Senior Citizens Interact on Social Media

How Senior Citizens Interact on Social Media Seniors in general, are now a demographic grossly overlooked on social media. Those 65 years and older are changing: they are LIVING LONGER, are MORE ACTIVE, and becoming INCREASINGLY LITERATE THE this age group have 17 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX PLUS the net worth of demographic is the fastest growing demographic among households headed by those 35 and older social networks THESE DAYS, THEY DON'T JUST HAVE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT, BUT THEY ARE: Google, browsing Facebook newsfeeds, and watching Joutube searching on There are currently 39 MILLION people aged 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, making them the fastest growing age demographic on these sites. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX These 14.8 million users represent a 1,448% yearly 11% growth in this demographic T1% of Facebook users are seniors 1 in 5 of these users will log on for an hour any given day 13% OF ADULTS 50 YEARS AND OLDER ARE ALREADY USING TWITTER AND ESTIMATE THIS FIGURE TO ONLY CONTINUE RISING Why Are Seniors Going Social? 40% to connect with family and old friends 30% to share photos 20% for social gaming 10% for contest and games For Twitter, seniors are finding it an easily accessible resource for following streams of information, like news sources, health information, and literary publications HOW ARE BRANDS CONNECTING SOCIALLY TO SENIORS - + Merrill Gardens She company is using social media to connect with both their residents, but Merrill Gardens is one of the leading assisted living homes in America. also the children of their residents Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are used as a way for their residents to stay involved with community events, as well as for adult children to follow the events and news of their parents' assisted living THEY EVEN HAVE A PINTEREST ACCOUNT WITH CREATIVE BOARDS SPECIFICALLY FOR SENIOR CITIZENS The top AARP XXXXX. XXXXX 14 online activities for The American Association of Retired Persons is a nonprofit organization providing a wide range of benefits to people aged 50 and older. people over 60 are Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube The content on their Jwitter, Facebook, and Youtube accounts is targeted directly to their older members, with posts often referring to members' grandchildren or offering helpful tips for staying healthy AARP HAS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 62,000 TWITTER FOLLOWERS AND OVER 1 MILLION LIKES ON FACEBOOK How can oher brands keep up with Seniors? RESEARCH IS SHOWING THAT THIS But besides type of content, the DEMOGRAPHIC PREFERS IMAGES same principles apply in creating a AND STORIES, RATHER THAN SOcial media marketing plan: PROMOTING SERVICES. have a focused target, engage with users, listen carefully, and commit to frequent use Brands must also narrow their target focus - knowing whether they are targeting senior citizens or their children! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Sources: r-citizens/ Check out more infographies by Wishpond: wishpond THE IMPACT OF PHOTOS THE IMPACT OF TWITTER HOW USERS INTERACT ON FACEBOOK ON BRANDS ON PINTEREST

[Infographic] How Senior Citizens Interact on Social Media

shared by WeAreWishpond on Jun 02
Seniors in general are grossly underestimated in social media. Those that are 65+ are living longer, more active, and are increasingly literate.


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