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Infographic on Google Timeline

Google Timeline In a world where information is expected and demanded to be delivered at light speed, Google is omnipresent in our lives. Not just that; it is recognized as the most lucrative and powerful world organization, which can literally determine the destiny of a company by giving them ranking for their targeted search queries. A high rank on Google search results can literally mean millions to a company. Sergey Brin (Co-founder) 2013 2014 • Today, he directs special projects in the company including Glass and Self-driving cars Google Ventures adds its 200th portfolio company January 2014 • As of Sep 2013 he has a net worth of $24.4 billion (Forbes) October 2013 Google acquires artificial intelligence firm Deepmind for • Together, Brin and Page made over $400 million in charitable donations in 2012 Google acquires artificial intelligence firm Deepmind for $400 million. $400 million. January 2014 Google announce sale of Eric E. Schmidt (Executive Chairman) October 2013 Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 • Joined the company in 2001 having been chief executive officer of computer software company Novell from 1997 to 2001. Stock tops $1,000 a share for the first time in its history. billion in a mixture of cash and stock • In 2013, Forbes ranked Schmidt as the 138th richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of $8.3 billion January 2014 September 2013 Google acquires Nest Labs Inc, the smart home devices Android passes 1 billion device • Responsible for the external matters Of Google:building partnerships, government outreach and technology thought leadership, as well as advising the CEO and senior leadership on policy issues. activations. company for $3.2 billion July 2014 2011 Over 1.2 billion people have visited Google's sites since its foundation. Susan Wojcicki (Head of Youtube) Google+ social network launched. • Wojcicki rented her garage to Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 September 2011 • She was the company's 16th employee and her sister Anne married Brin (since separated) 2012 Google acquires restaurant reviews company Zagat for approximately $125 million. • Up until Feb 2014, Wojcicki was Senior VP of Ads & Commerce, leading all of Google's ad products, and was responsible for 87% of the company's $50 billion revenue in 2012 May 2012 • Appointed Head of Youtube in Feb2014 Google Product Search is transitioned to Google Shopping 2010 to help people research products and connect directly with merchants to make purchases. Marissa Mayer (Former Google Software engineer. Now CEO of Yahoo) October 2010 June 2012 • Employed by Google from: June 1999-July 2012 Self-driving cars technology announcement. • Most recent position at Google:VP, Local, Maps & Location Services Google Now is launched, which gives live information e.g. your favourite team's score while they're playing. September 2010 Google Instant arrives which shows search results as you Craig Silverstein (Former HR Manager) type. May 2012 • Larry and Sergey's very first hire The Knowledge Graph in Search is launched making it easier to May 2010 • Worked in Google from 1998 to 2004 discover information about Google release their first ever things such as landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, • Current position: Developer at start-up Khan Academy playable doodle which is in celebration of PAC-MAN's 30th movies, works of art and more. birthday. May 2012 January 2010 Hangouts become available worldwide. Android device Nexus One is 2004 2003 introduced. April 2012 October 2004 February 2003 2009 Google Drive launches enabling creation, sharing, collaboration Acquired Blogger for an undisclosed sum. Subsidiary company Google Energy created. European HQ opens in Dublin. and file storage-including videos, photos, Google Docs and PDFS-all in one place. August 2004 March 2009 Initial Public Offering of 2002 April 2012 Google Ventures is announced; a venture capital fund aimed at 19,605,052 shares of Class A common stock takes place on Wall Street. Opening price: $85 per share. (*Current NASDAQ trading price is $1,150.53-January 2014). supporting innovation and encouraging new technology companies. On Apr 4th, the concept for Google Glass was introduced. September 2002 The first named Google algorithm update was christened "Boston" by Webmaster World 2008 February 2009 July 2004 users, as it was announced at Voice Search on Android is SES Boston. launched. Acquired Picasa from Lifescape Inc. for an undisclosed sum. September 2008 The browser Google Chrome becomes available for 2001 April 2004 2006 download. Google Images launched. Gmail launched. July 2008 October 2006 2000 Street View is launched in 1999 Docs & Spreadsheets web-based applications are Europe. Google Adwords launches with 350 customers. Photo outside Google's first Palo released (now called Docs and Alto office with the total Sheets). This follows on from employees at the time. March's acquisition of Writely. December 2000 2007 Google Toolbar is launched- a powerful information search and retrieval companion that seamlessly integrates with a October 2006 1998 Google acquires YouTube in November 2007 all-stock deal worth about How the search engine looked user's web browser. $1.65 billion. Google announced Android-the then. first open platform for mobile devices- and a collaboration with March 2000 September 1998 June 2006 other companies in the Open Eric Schmidt is appointed Handset Alliance. Google Earth launched. This satellite imagery-based mapping service lets the user take a virtual journey to any Google files for incorporation in chairman of the Board of California. Directors May 2007 August 1998 location in the world. Street View debuts in Google Maps in five U.S. Cities: New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, The first Google Doodle. June 2006 Miami, and Denver. The Oxford English Dictionary adds the word "Google" (as a verb). 2005 May 2006 September 1997 Google Trends launched. November 2005 On Sep 15th is registered as a domain. Allows the user to visualize the popularity of searches over Google Analytics is launched for measuring the impact of websites and marketing campaigns. Analytics is based on Urchin, a company Google acquired in March 2005. time. March 2006 Google acquire collaboration friendly online word processor company Writely (this will go onto evolve eventually into Google Drive) July 2005 Google acquires mobile phone software manufacturer Android for an undisclosed sum. February 2005 Google Maps goes live. Designed by FULLE STOP deliveing promises.

Infographic on Google Timeline

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